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Domain Name Registrar Froggy Domains Adds New Feature to Its Webmail Product


By Derek Iwasiuk
August 13, 2007

Domain name registrar Froggy Domains has enhanced its Web-based email product by adding short message service (SMS) integration, also called text-messaging service. The new feature lets subscribers instantly send text messages, as well as standard email.

With the texting feature in Froggy Domain’s Webmail, moms can instantly send reminder emails to kids and text them at the same time so they don’t forget homework. Sports fans can catch the latest scores and share with their friends who are at the game. How about simply adding to the grocery list when they are already in route? All of this from your desktop—which means no clumsy thumbing in messages on your wireless phone anymore.

Froggy Domain's customers can access their Web-based email accounts as they always have, but now a drop-down menu gives an option to select email only, text message only or both. A simple cell phone field in the user’s address book drives the feature. In addition, Froggy Domains includes a function that allows users to keep within the 160 character limit required by cell phone carriers for text messages.

"Froggy Domains just keeps getting better by integrating modern funtonality into it's product offerings and feature upgrades for our valued customers and their fast paced worldly needs. We'd like to invite you to grab a mouse and come check us out on the web." Jonathan Goodpasture, owner of Froggy Domains.

Froggy Domains has also added a new good dropping and available domain name list service to its website. Check out the menu for "Good Dropped Domains" offering daily lists of dropped and soon to be available domain names.

Also new in 2007, Froggy is sponsoring two brand new websites for it's fellow domainers to list, chat and read about what's new in the domain, internet, and SEO industries. Check out its free Domain Forum at And also check out its free resource link directory at

Froggy Domains ( is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar offering TLD's (top level domains), SLD's (second level domains) and CCD's (country code domains) registrations at highly competitive prices. It also offers many other services including bulk registration and transfers, SSL, Private Domain Registration and adding more every day. We offer many other free services as well with each domain registration including free hosting, free quick blog, free website builder, and much more.

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