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By Derek Iwasiuk
October 05, 2007

DELAWARE -- All domain names are not created equal. Far from it. The difference between a good quality domain name and a bad one is huge.

Many people compare domain names with real estate because a domain name is your address on the Internet. There are many similarities, and one of them is that you either have the right one, or you don't. There are no compromises, and you can't turn a bad address or a bad domain name into a good one. Both will remain the same, no matter how much money you spend on them.

Paul Wilson the manager and domain name expert at has over 10 years experience with domain names, and he explains: "With real estate, a house has always some value, even a bad one, old one, in bad condition, and even if it's in the wrong area, and has a lot of problems associated with it."

"With a domain name, the very vast majority of bad quality domain names are useless and worthless, and their true value is not even the price of the registration."

"Smart Internet companies understood a long time ago that it takes the same amount of time, money and effort, to develop the right quality domain name or the wrong one. The financial rewards are substantially higher with the right domain name, and nearly always end up with a loss for the wrong domain name"

"I am always amazed to see so many people waste their time, money and energy with the wrong domain name, when they can buy the right one for a fraction of the amount they will lose with the wrong one. The right domain name will pay for itself very fast, and you will have it for life. If you don't have the right domain name, your competitors will, and you can be sure about this." specializes in high quality generic domain names that will generate great profits, and are also excellent investments and appreciating assets.

At you deal directly with the owners, so why pay more, when you can negotiate directly with the owners? We also offer easy finance or leasing instantly available from the owners with no formality, and with 0% interest.

You can find additional details at these pages:

Paul Wilson
Domain name expert
For more information please use our contact form:

We have been actively involved with domain names since early 1997 and our associated companies also developed over 400 web sites. We currently have over 50 new sites under development.

Source: 24-7PressRelease

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