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No more http://'s just type vtp://'s and hit return


Enable your browser to recognise Virtual Wide Web links. It's FREE!

By Nikola Anastasov
February 19, 2008

VirtuaDOM introduces the Virtual Wide Web, complete domain and networking platform: free domain register, free networking, free online advertising and free money maker. Access your new web address using the virtual links like vtp://

With Virtual Wide Web, all generic domain names are available again for registration and with any extension, such as .com, .net, .biz, .info, .uk, .tv, .web, .shop, .xxx and many more. This is your second chance to register domains like, money.web or

Free domain: why pay for domain when it's free for you? There's been lots of talk of a free internet, but only VirtuaDOM offers you totally free domain usage and access 24 hours a day 7 days a week now. There are no fee charges and no subscription. We also give you free e-mail and free web space. And if that's not enough you get paid for referring your friends to VirtuaDOM networking. So what are you waiting for. Join now at

What's best for you? Your .com .shop or .web domain name, free web forwarding, free set-up, free added services. The most cost-effective domain package for the small to medium sized business. VirtuaDOM'll help you register and set-up the .web domain name of your choice. Use your domain as your easy to remember web and e-mail address.

Increase revenue. Expand your business. Reach more customers. VirtuaDOM make the Web work for you. Just visit VirtuaDOM, the only true Web solutions provider offering everything from domain name and free networking to free online advertising vehicle and free money maker.

You will browse anyway in your daily life. So, why don't you turn your browser into a free advertising system that rewards you on EVERY page on the web. VirtuaDOM provides the ability to surf, watch TV, advertise and talk simultaneously, at any web site in real-time and all for free.

Promote yourself and see all the other people around you online. Your profile can be used to advertise your business, your event, your skills, your knowledge, and your personality.

VirtuaDOM is the only network which REWARDS you and best of all it’s 100% FREE! So join today and start earning money for your domains, activity, interaction and more.

It's easy to make money with Virtual Wide Web domains: VirtuaDOM will reward you for every referral you make that joins our network. Earn $5000 - refer 1000 friends in a one month and you will receive a $5000 credit to your account!

VirtuaDOM affiliate program pays 50% recurring commissions for the lifetime! For a limited time, you will receive double credit when you register any virtual private domain, or triple credit on registration of premium domain. With VirtuaDOM, your income keeps growing - month after month!

Please visit for more information.

Virtually Yours,

Nikola Anastasov, founder


Nikola Anastasov, founder
Elmed Medicomat Ltd.,
admin at



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