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ImpressiveDomains Announces the Availability of JUICE.COM Domain Name For Sale

July 13, 2004; 05:14 AM

Coventry, Rhode Island July 12, 2004 - ( - ImpressiveDomains announced today that it has added the JUICE.COM domain name offering to its portfolio of premium single word internet domains available for sale.

It's not too often that a generic, five-letter, single-word, .COM domain name that represents an entire industry is made available to the public, says Ashley Saddul, Founder and Managing Director of ImpressiveDomains. JUICE.COM is arguably one of the most memorable domain names for sale out there. This offering has all the key attributes that make a domain name extremely valuable, adds Mr. Saddul. There has been a lot of talk around "juice" as of late. With soda sales on the drop, Coca Cola and Pepsi have been increasingly diversifying their efforts and trying to gain a stronger foothold in the juice market. Pepsi's recent bid for Ocean Spray Cranberries, the most recognized juice name in the business, was more than just acquiring the cranberries - it was about branding.

The low-carb phenomenon hitting the U.S. and the world has put a fair squeeze on the juice industry over the past few months. "There has been a lot of talk about juice", says Mr. Saddul. Indeed, there has been a fair amount of publicity lately to re-educate people about the benefits of juice, lead by Florida's own Department of Citrus. The juice industry remains healthy on the global scale however.

Australian juice bar chain Boost Juice bought out its major competitor, Viva Juice, this month and opened its one hundredth store. Ireland's O'Brien's sandwich bars announced that they are planning to open 60 juice bars in Ireland and Britain over the next year. Consumers are now getting acquainted with emerging names like Jamba Juice and Tahitian Noni Juice. Even music icon Nelly is in on the action. The rapid success of Nelly's energy drink Pimp Juice has generated a lot of attention and interest. Fillmore Street Brewery reports that Pimp Juice is already flying off the shelves in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Islands, and Mexico, and projects the product to sell in Australia, Japan, China, and Israel by the end of June. Plans are in the works to integrate markets in the rest of the Far East, Europe, and the Middle East by the end of 2004. The beauty of the JUICE.COM domain name is that it extends beyond the beverage industry. Mobility Electronics has recently been making a big splash over their new Juice Power Adapter. "Juice" is an equivalent techno-speak to "power", says Mr. Saddul.

This domain name has enormous relevance to batteries, uninterruptible power supplies and power adapters as well. There were even reports last week of O.J. Simpson's involvement in an upcoming reality show which will see him doing gags as "Juice", in what they plan on calling "juicing people". Simpson earned the nickname Juice during his legendary career as a running back in the National Football League. "The timing for the JUICE.COM offering is perfect", says Mr. Saddul. Whichever way one looks at it, there isn't a single Internet domain name that can better JUICE.COM in the juice industry, continues Mr. Saddul.

Any company seeking to establish its brand and penetrate new markets can simply not overlook this opportunity. ImpressiveDomains has already received numerous offers on the domain name to date. "There has been interest from England to Taiwan", adds Mr. Saddul. JUICE.COM is ImpressiveDomains' flagship offering. The company is currently tabling bids from all interested parties. Given the potential of this domain name from a branding perspective, and the interest generated to date, JUICE.COM is expected to easily fetch a juicy sales price in the six figures.

About ImpressiveDomains:

ImpressiveDomains ( is a marketplace to buy and sell premium domain names. It specializes in single-word domain names. It contains one of the best lists of domain names for sale, and charges nothing to list.

For more information, please contact:

Ashley Saddul Managing Director 3790 Flat Rive Road Coventry, Rhode Island 02816 USA Email: [email protected] OR visit:
[email protected]



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