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VeriSign Implements Rapid Updates to Domain Name System Files

.Com and .Net Domain Name Changes Now Functional for Viewing on the World Wide Web within Minutes of New Registration or Modifications

September 9, 2004; 07:10 AM

Mountain View, CA September 9, 2004 - ( - VeriSign, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRSN), the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services for the Internet and telecommunications networks, today announced that it has implemented a major enhancement, called "rapid updates," to its .com and .net Domain Name System (DNS) servers. With rapid updates, it is now possible for domain registrants to launch Web sites more quickly and to experience greater continuity in service when changing hosting providers or modifying their domain name registrations.

Previously, VeriSign updated DNS servers for .com and .net twice each day by generating a file from its .com and .net Registry database and globally distributing it to all 13 of the .com and .net DNS servers.

With new, rapid updates, VeriSign distributes updates every few seconds accommodating all changes that affect any of the more than 35 million domain names for .com or .net. With the new update process, domain registrants are now able to add a new domain name, change their hosting provider or make other changes to their domain name, and see those changes reflected in the .com and .net DNS servers within a matter of minutes.

"Companies that bundle Web and e-mail services with a domain name, can now provide their customers with the ability to see their new Web sites almost immediately," said Elliott Noss, CEO of Tucows Inc. "Rapid updates enables us to provide our customers with better levels of service."

"In a very short time, the Internet has become an indispensable communications tool of businesses and consumers, so much so that even a very short disruption in service can have a significant impact on those conducting commerce and communications," said Raynor Dahlquist, acting vice president of VeriSign's Naming and Directory Services. "At VeriSign, we're pleased to be able to offer upgraded services to the .com and .net DNS and help registrars, ISPs, and all domain industry service providers better manage their customers' needs and reduce the potential for downtime to Web sites."

With the ability to quickly modify DNS data, ISPs and domain name registrars can now respond more quickly to even tougher scenarios like denial of service attacks and Web site outages and provide better service for all domain registrants. The new rapid updated feature is provided at no additional charge to registrars. Responses to VeriSign from domain industry participants, including registrars and ISPs, have remained overwhelmingly positive since VeriSign pre-announced the enhanced DNS service in June. Read more about rapid updates to .com and .net DNS files.

VeriSign manages relationships with more than 200 ICANN-accredited registrars who submit over 60 million domain name transactions daily. VeriSign's .com and .net Registry is the authoritative registry for .com and .net domain names. Currently, VeriSign's global Registry for .com and .net manages more than 14 billion DNS queries or "lookups" each day.

About VeriSign
VeriSign, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRSN) delivers intelligent infrastructure services that make the Internet and telecommunications networks more reliable and secure. Every day VeriSign helps thousands of businesses and millions of consumers conduct commerce and communications with confidence. Additional news and information about the company is available at

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