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Continental AG Picks for Domain Name Services

October 22, 2004; 04:59 AM

( - Continental AG selected, Inc. (, provider of global domain name registration and Internet services, to manage its entire domain name portfolio.

Through its Corporate Services Division, will help Continental manage and secure its Web presence and protect its brands from infringement on the Internet.

"The first step in working with Continental is to consolidate its portfolio," commented Peter A. Forman, President and Chief Executive Officer at
The number of domain names - or Web site addresses - in a large company's portfolio can often reach the thousands. Considerations when managing these can include contact detail requirements, billing structures and brand or business unit categorisation.

"One of the key issues brand owners must address is the decentralised way in which domain names are often handled internally. Historically, different departments may have been involved in registering and managing domains with different providers, resulting in a fragmented portfolio," added Forman.

Ingo Diederichs, Head of Communication Services at Continental AG commented, "As a global company, it is vital that we have complete control of our domain name portfolio and that our regional offices can manage domain name issues locally."

After identifying and consolidating the existing domain name registrations, Continental can manage its portfolio through Name Console(TM),'s web-based domain name management solution.

Once the foundations of a domain name strategy are secured, companies are in a better position to ensure their brands are registered in the appropriate territories. Registrations across the country code top-level domains, such as .uk in the United Kingdom and .de in Germany, are a valuable method of reaching important local markets.'s Corporate Services Division will service the Germany-based company's requirements through its main European office in London and its local office in Germany.

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