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Nashville futurist registers 200 virtual reality Internet domains earlier this year, and lists them for sale at

November 9, 2004; 04:33 AM
( - November 08, 2004 - If you go to your Internet connection today and type in you won't be directed to a thriving Internet company that provides immersive virtual vacation experiences. At the present, the necessary technology for such a business doesn't even exist. But that fact didn't stop a farsighted Nashville futurist from registering 200 virtual reality Internet domains earlier this year, and then listing them for sale at .

"Today's virtual reality industry is in its infancy," states Ted Stalets, owner of "With just a few Internet websites like and offering simple virtual reality, my extensive collection of virtual reality domains is a textbook case of supply far exceeding demand... but that's OK." It's OK, according to Stalets, because if you type virtual reality into the Google search engine, you are immediately presented with 4 million websites. Even though the technology required for immersive experiences via the Internet isn't here today, the required amounts of computing power is less than a decade away. That's when virtual reality will really take off.

So, the question arises: do virtual reality domain names have any worth today? Stalets answers, "Although most of my virtual reality domains today aren't what you would call prime cyberspace real estate, they do have value for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. As the virtual reality industry starts to go mainstream in the next 5 -10 years, these domain nesteggs should prove to be golden, providing their owners with very valuable, global, electronic storefronts."

Currently, boasts fifteen specific categories of virtual reality domains, geared to immersive experiences in sports, vacations, shopping, religion, education, and even exotic adventures! All categories list carefully selected generic domains - each one representing a potential global virtual reality business. is filled to the brim with targeted virtual reality domains. For example, how about worshipping in virtual reality at ‘' or ‘'. (NOTE: For those who think that religion should not be commercialized as dot coms - the .org extensions are also available). ‘' would be the logical place to go for "test driving" that new sports car in virtual reality. Why not gamble in virtual reality at ‘'. Acquire legal advice from ‘' and work on an educational degree at ‘'. Or perhaps you might seek advice from ‘'. Even the healthcare industry will participate in virtual reality - so why not ‘', ‘', or ‘'.

These generic domains make especially good business sense in the Internet age. Instead of spending large sums of money to familiarize consumers with non-generic branded companies like ABC Travel or XYZ Corporation, today's astute entrepreneur can buy the markets' valuable mindshare right along with the generic domain. Ted Stalets explains: "Let's say you have two virtual reality travel companies: and Which of these two companies has the advantage through ownership of the natural thought processes of its target customers - making it easier for them to find you? It's as simple as that."

As our lives are drawn deeper and deeper into the Internet, owning a business described by a generic domain will be exactly like owning a full category listing in the global Yellow Pages. Stalets emphasizes this point: "Choosing a strategically sound generic domain name today can provide decades of competitive advantage."

Currently used by the military, aeronautics, and medical fields, virtual reality will soon provide helpful services to "everyday people". The degree of immersion into virtual reality will range from the simple VR websites of today like those mentioned at the top of the article, through various mixtures of real and virtual experiences, all the way to full sensory immersions. These immersions will be either by oneself or with others in a networked computer environment. In a networked virtual reality, participants will be able to interact just as in real life - competing in sports, collaborating for business or for pleasure, etc. This type of experience sounds strange to many of us today, but virtual reality will be a common experience for many of us within a decade or so. Who knows - perhaps a future virtual reality provider will owe much of its success to a virtual reality domain it acquired from way back in 2004.

About Domain Nesteggs is a domain name reseller specializing in four emerging technologies - Robotics, Virtual Reality, Online Voting, and the upcoming Conversational Internet. This last technology refers to voice recognition as the means of interacting with our computers and the Internet, rather than using the traditional keyboard and mouse.

Ted Stalets
615 482-1766

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