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Coveted Domain Names for the Las Vegas Centennial Now For Sale

November 11, 2004; 06:39 AM

November 11, 2004 - ( - A hundred years ago, railroad companies auctioned off land to encourage the development of an outpost town - Las Vegas. Today, a group of web speculators are auctioning off the coveted domain names for the Las Vegas Centennial.

Not only the goods on sale, but also the way to sell the goods has radically changed. In 1905, the auctioneers sold potential buyers a special $16 train ticket from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and the opportunists spent the night in a tent hotel. The day the auction started was so hot that the sale had to stop for two hours in the middle of the day.

NetPhilosophy.Com, will offer the Las Vegas Centennial names for sale on Not one buyer will have to leave their house to make an interesting, speculative purchase.

Some of the names are:,, There are also inexpensive secondary domain names that almost everybody can afford if they intend to squeeze into the google line.

The domain name auction begins on November 15, 2004, exactly six months before the 100th Las Vegas birthday. The eBay auction will continue for 10 days.

Las Vegas scores about 37 million visitors a year, representing one of the most active tourist markets in the world. The special events organized throughout 2005 to celebrate the Centennial will attract even more visitors.

About, SRL (

The company, headquartered in Italy, specializes in producing and maintaining multi-lingual web sites. In August 2002, exactly 1,000 days before the 100th Las Vegas birthday inaugurated the website, which is devoted to the Las Vegas Centennial.

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