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PW Domain Name Registry Opens Registrations

Trademark Owners Should File Defensive Registrations to Ensure Maximum Protection

November 22, 2004; 07:19 AM

Boston, MA, November 22, 2004 - ( - The PW Registry Corporation ( announces that Open Registrations for the .pw ccTLD begin on December 15, 2004 at 12 pm EST. Internet users may choose a new spam-free email identity, via any Web browser, by entering their preferred identity and then adding .pw at the end. For example, they could enter Users are then presented with an input box where they choose what comes before the "@" sign for their email address, such as [email protected].

Trademark owners may block the registration of .pw domain names and .pw email addresses matching their trademark by filing PW Defensive Sponsorships. Since Defensive Sponsorships do not impact existing registrations, trademark owners should submit their Defensive Sponsorships by December 13, 12 pm EST to ensure their trademark is protected at the start of the .pw Open Registration period ("land rush").

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) is the exclusive domain name dispute provider for the .pw domain. HKIAC's exclusive dispute website for .pw is located at

"The .pw domain has a domain name dispute policy that trademark owners may utilize if they feel a .pw domain name violates their rights" says Tom Barrett, President of PW
Registry, "However, potential infringement and dilution of brand names and famous trademarks in the .pw domain are better prevented via the PW Defensive Sponsorship Service."

With .pw, users can choose a meaningful e-mail address -- their family name, ethnic group, favorite sports team, passion or hobby-- virtually any string they can imagine. With PW's spam-blocking technology, subscribers control who can send them email. PW Registry is so confident of its anti-spam technology that it offers
a no-obligation 30-day free trial for all subscribers.

The .pw beta testing period will end on December 10 at 12 pm EST. Users may still signup for a free beta account by entering their desired address into their browser ending with a ".pw". All beta users interested in converting their subscriptions must do so by 12 pm EST on December 10, provided that no Defensive Sponsorships exist for the second level domain.

The PW auction for premium Affiliate Sponsorships ( is still underway. In order to receive commissions for any sales starting December 15, the auction for a community domain covered by the Affiliate Sponsorship must have closed by December 13 at 12 pm EST. Otherwise, commission tracking will begin on January 1, 2005.
About PW Registry Corporation As the public trustee of the .pw domain, PW Registry Corporation is responsible for ensuring that the management and administration of the .pw top-level domain is in the public interest. Delegated by ICANN in July, 2003, .pw is a "wild-carded" top level domain and the only top-level domain (TLD) focused on serving the needs of individuals and communities of shared interests.

For more information:

Thomas Barrett
PW Registry Corporation

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