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BRS Media’s dotFM Announces WebmasterRadio.FM is the Newest Station to Discover the Power of a Web Address ending in .FM!

December 13, 2004; 12:04 AM

San Francisco, CA. December 13, 2004 - BRS Media's dotFM®, the exclusive worldwide registry for Web addresses ending in .FM, announced today that a growing number of world class Internet Radio stations are realizing a Great Sounding Web Address ends in .FM!

WebmasterRadio.FM ( delivers vital, timely information for companies and individuals that enables them to meet and exceed their Online business goals. The Internet Radio for Webmasters offers an all-star line up of radio shows hosted by the most respected names in the Internet business world.

"We are excited that NewGen Broadcasting's WebmasterRadio.FM chose to brand itself with a multimedia .FM domain." remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media Inc. "WebmasterRadio.FM demonstrations how Internet Radio can serve a worldwide community with compelling content focusing on business, talk, education and entertainment." adding, "While dotFM provides broadcasters, Internet radio and media organizations worldwide with an effective marketing and branding tool."

BRS Media became the first company in the World to offer premium multimedia domains launching dotFM® back in 1998. Since that time thousands of stations have taken advantage of the unique power of a branded web address, including world-class Internet Radio like:

Belgium's Crooze.FM - Grooves, Passion and Lifestyle -
EnergyRadio.FM - Entertainment & Games / Events Forum -
Digitally Imported Radio - Webcast Metrics Top Ranked Station -
Chess.FM - The worlds only chess-oriented Internet radio station -
80s.FM -- The 80s Live Here! -
Dance.FM - The Beat Of Amsterdam -
SKY.FM - Net radio to the power of sky -
Jenny.FM - The best dance music from Europe -
Big Sticks Broadcasting' s JACK.FM - Playing What We Want -
Germany's Webradio Volume.FM - Pump Up The Volume -
BombayBeats.FM - Best South Asian Radio 24/7 non-stop hits! -
Malaysia's - Cyberjaya.FM - Streamed With Attitude -
Warm FM Radio - Your Daily Prescription Of Electronic Music -

dotFM currently offers .FM domain names to anyone interested in obtaining their own "Great Sounding Web Address!" at or through any of our affiliates, .FM registrars, and marketing partners worldwide.

BRS Media, a member of the National Association of Broadcasters, the International Webcasting Association and the Webcaster Alliance, is a full service Internet e-commerce firm that helps radio and multimedia web sites build and brand on the power of the Web. The Company's Online divisions include: dotFM® & dotAM®, domain registrar of premium multimedia .FM and .AM domains; iDotz.Net ( domain registrar of all gTLD domains (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info & .name), as well as, boutique domains (.md, .la, .tv, .cc, & .ws); @Radio.FM & @Radio.AM, free Web based email services; and the ever-popular Web-Radio (, the leading portal for "tuning in" Radio on the Internet. BRS Media Inc. can be found on the World Wide Web at

dotFM and dotAM are registered trademarks of BRS Media, Inc.

For more information contact:

BRS Media Inc.
760 Market St Suite 958
San Francisco, CA. 94102
Tel: 888-697-2860
Fax: 888-418-2782
Email: [email protected]

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