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World’s Best Tourism Domains Now Available

The Best Travel and Tourism Domains in the World have just been released onto the market

December 17, 2004; 12:55 AM

These Domains are guaranteed to gain bookings.

Internet Domain Names are becoming increasingly sought after in the Tourism Industry.

In the Airline Industry, reservations are growing at a rapid rate via internet websites.

Now Accommodation bookings are quickly following this fast industry trend.

But, to gain the bookings, or have first chance to be successful in securing any reservations before opposition businesses, companies must be listed in the first three pages of major search engines, and ideally be listed on the home page of these search engines.

Commenting on the Tourism Internet Business, a leading Travel Internet Executive from the Austourism Accommodation Network, Mr Peter Yeo said "If businesses have the exact words searchers type into the address bar of the search engines, and with the right meta tags, they will be listed on the first page of every major search engine, and consequently gain the first opportunity to liase with consumers.

And the ultimate Domain Name URL ending businesses can have is a dotcom, " .com " one.

Therefore to achieve maximum possibilities of gaining bookings, tourism businesses must have the precise words consumers search for in their domain names, followed ideally by a dotcom to capture their market. If the dotcom ending is not available, another International URL ending should be owned by Tourism Businesses like .org, .biz, .info, .name, or .ws " continued Mr Yeo.

This week sees the release of, arguably, the best group of world-wide tourism & accommodation Domain Names ever released. Almost every major country is represented in available Domain Names at very realistic prices.

Amongst the over 1,000 Domain Names released, are included ; ; ; ; ; ; through to & .

Prices commence from only US$70.00 per Domain Name ranging to US$10,500 for complete ownership.

For a listing of all available Tourism and Accommodation Domain Names, please visit the website

There are 2 genuine reasons for selling these Domains, namely Directors of the business are commencing "The World's Tourism Search Engine", plus the Principal of the Businesses has recently become a Quadriplegic after slipping on the floor at home running for the mobile telephone. For Every Sale Made by You, a percentage will also be directed to the Charity Campaign to assist Spinally Injured People internationally.

For further information please contact PRASP Public Relations

Email: [email protected]



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