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BulkRegister Exceeds Key 2004 Customer Support Goals

December 21, 2004; 01:28 AM

( - 21 December 2004 - BulkRegister, the world's leading business registrar, today announced that it has already exceeded the ambitious, key customer support goals it set for itself for 2004. Recognizing customer service as the critical competitive differentiator in the domain registration and management industry, BulkRegister focused its resources on further enhancing its customer support this year. In fact, BulkRegister devoted more of its budget to customer service than nearly every other department - including marketing. A recently concluded member survey confirmed that the company's efforts are reaping dividends, with over 93% of respondents stating they would refer BulkRegister to others.

Customer service objectives for 2004 included improving the hold time for members to reach BulkRegister support by phone, with the target time set at less than five minutes. Customer support surpassed this by turning in an average hold time of less than three minutes - even during peak calling hours. In fact, an in-house survey found hold time averages as low as 1.5 minutes. In addition, customer service met its goal of answering 95% of phone calls before abandonment. Members also gave BulkRegister's support staff a rating above 85% for courtesy and politeness.

Additionally, BulkRegister strove to resolve member email inquiries in under four hours. The actual average time for a customer to receive an email response was under three hours. In 2004, BulkRegister sought to set standards and introduce accountability for customer response times. Customer satisfaction was also measured by business referrals. Due primarily to strong word-of-mouth, BulkRegister has already added over 3,000 new members this year, and over 80% of new members say they joined due to a referral.

Another reason for BulkRegister's superlative customer support and membership growth is the high level of experience of the company's customer service staff and low turnover. BulkRegister's staff averages over two years of experience with providing customer support, which is significantly higher than the six-month industry average for help desk personnel recently cited by the Help Desk Institute.

"We recognize that investing heavily in customer support leads to low turnover in our customer support teams, more experienced staff and competent, rapid assistance for our members," said Eric Rice, General Manager of BulkRegister. "All of this engenders member loyalty and retention and generates a solid stream of referrals, which makes sound business sense and yields bottom line returns."

BulkRegister fields thousands of support calls from domain name owners who have purchased from one of its over 2,000 resellers. To quickly put domain owners in direct contact with their reseller, BulkRegister developed a fast, robust tool, ‘Contact Your Reseller,' conveniently located on its homepage, that allows any domain owner to fill out a simple form, which is then routed directly to the reseller. Because BulkRegister does not compete with its resellers, this system separates it from other registrars, who often compete with their own resellers by turning customer inquiries into sales opportunities.

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