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Anti-Spam Website Rewarded with Ownership of the Domain from

December 27, 2004; 05:23 AM

Ferritslev, Denmark - December 21, 2004 - In appreciation of his work promoting the anti-spam effort greylisting, the domain was transferred to Bjarne Lundgren by

"We apreciate the efforts and promotion of anti-spam measures and the work done by Bjarne Lundgren on the site," said Ric Johnson of "Because of this, we have decided to accommodate Bjarnes' wish and grant him full ownership of the domain name."

Greylisting was first envisioned by Evan Harris, who wrote a popular whitepaper on the subject. The method is based on the concept that most spam is sent by "dumb" and misbehaving mail transfer agents that do not resend failed message attempts. It works by temporarily refusing incoming messages from unknown senders. Legitimate mail transfer agents resend the messages and on the second attempt are accepted and the sender "whitelisted." This strategy has proven to be hugely effective.

The website (, contains valuable information about greylisting in general, as well as links to other anti-spam resources such as various implementation examples. is one of the leading greylisting sites, consistently ranking second in Google search results for the term "greylisting."

OpenDomain.Org ( is a program in which people can borrow a domain already owned by OpenDomain.Org and then freely put it to good use. This both allows domains that otherwise would stand empty to be used for good purpose and also offers an excellent opportunity to obtain a quality homepage url. is sponsored by Free.TV ( http://www.Free.TV/ ).



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