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Just Released Domain Name and Website Reseller Website

December 28, 2004; 05:28 AM

December 28, 2004 - (DomainInformer) - Now released the reseller site that allows anybody to market Domain Names and web site services. You can BUY FOR COST for yourself or through your free retail site set the prices for all services.

As an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, offers products and services at prices up to 70% less than our competitors and supports them with world-class 24/7 live customer service.

We are committed to offering a much higher class of service from start to finish, lower prices on the same products and services that many are paying a great deal more for from other companies. You will want to compare our prices and services with others and see the savings and benefits you will receive.

Similar to how telephone number portability works in many countries, enhanced domain name portability will provide for greater consumer and business choice, enabling domain name registrants to select the registrar that offers the best services and price. The new policy also simplifies and standardizes the process to prevent abuses and provide clearer user information about the transfer process and options.

Unbelievable Offers? Don't be fooled! Some registrars use every trick in the book to capture your business - and then leave you feeling foolish. Here are some common tricks to watch out for:

Bait-and switch transfers: Some companies offer extremely low-cost or even free transfers. But when it comes time to renew, they sock you with prices that are two, three, or four times the amount that charges. Guarantees that you'll never renew for more than you originally registered.

Unbelievably low prices: All registrars have to pay the registry for the domains they sell, and that price is fixed. So if you see domains priced at less than $6, the seller is actually losing money. How do they make it up? That's right - they sock you at annual renewal; provide inadequate or no service; and/or charge unreasonably high prices for the other services you need. Your purchase price is your renewal price.

Non-ICANN accredited registrars: Only an ICANN accredited registrar gives you the assurance of knowing your domains will be handled by the most secure and reliable systems in the industry. communicates directly to the Domain Name Registries through the fastest connections to the Internet backbone available. Non-ICANN accredited registrars cannot give you this assurance.

If you have an online business, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates are a can't-miss way to build your business and consumer confidence. A secure certificate tells customers, vendors, members and visitors that their data transactions are 128-bit encrypted and secure has become the leader in the domain name and web hosting arena by sticking to our principles of providing innovative, competitively-priced products, delivering the highest quality customer service, and by listening to our customers.



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