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April 8, 2005; 11:12 PM

( - MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 8, 2005 -- The owner of DIGITALMOVIE.COM ( initiated his starting bid price of $1.5 million on eBay in hopes of selling the domain name to raise money for his film project. As entertainment giants such as SONY, Apple and Microsoft move into the digital movie arena, DIGITALMOVIE.COM owner Mark Estabrook believes the name is poised for greatness.

"We are definitely in the digital movie age, and I felt like the name had reached a point where the entertainment industry would know what to do with it," Estabrook said.

Recent advancements in encryption technology are making the downloading of a movie possible, and at much quicker rates with faster broadband. In addition, pay-on-demand as well as kiosk DVD discs are making a digital movie much more common. As the technology and storage capacities advance, internet domain name DIGITALMOVIE.COM is at the center of the hurricane.

"I really hate to let it go. I was a film major in college, and can see some wonderful things I could do with the site. But the money I should generate from this name would make a significant dent on my documentary expenses!"

Estabrook did not develop the site into a digital movie download site, which he envisions as the best end use of the site, due to the need for high amounts of bandwidth. He believes the internet and entertainment investment communities are the only groups capable of developing the capital and infrastructure to support DIGITALMOVIE.COM.

Estabrook acquired the name in 1998 after trading a digital movie camera in exchange for the name. He currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife and two daughters, and is working on a Grissom family authorized documentary entitled "Gus" about astronaut Gus Grissom.


Mark Estabrook
Office 901.382.9040
Email: [email protected]



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