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BulkRegister Auto-Renews Domains of Members in Path of Hurricane Katrina

Expired and Expiring Domains in Zip Codes Affected by Tragedy Renewed at No Charge

September 1, 2005; 04:29 PM
BALTIMORE, MD - September 1, 2005 – BulkRegister, the world’s leading business registrar, today announced that it is automatically renewing all domains set to expire through September 16, and those already expired, that are managed by BulkRegister members based in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. This action is designed to assure those displaced by the hurricane that they will retain ownership of their domains, and that they will continue to function.  BulkRegister’s members in areas hit by the storm manage thousands of domains, many of which provide access to the web sites of important businesses. If such domains were to expire, the web sites associated with them would become inaccessible, resulting in lost business and the possible loss of the domain name itself.
“We do not want BulkRegister members devastated by Hurricane Katrina to be further burdened by worrying about their domains expiring during this terrible upheaval in their lives,” said Eric Rice, General Manager of BulkRegister. “Many of these members manage hundreds of domain names, and they currently have no access to a computer or phone to renew key domains. This small courtesy is the least we can do to make sure that critical domains are not lost.  We encourage the entire reseller and registrar community to extend similar support to their domain holders.”
To qualify for complimentary auto-renewal, domains must have already expired or be scheduled to expire by September 16, 2005, and the member’s address must be in a zip code deemed closed to mail service by the United States Postal Service as of August 31st, 2005.  An updated list of such zip codes is currently published on the United States Postal Service’s web site, located at  BulkRegister members with questions should call Customer Support at 877-527-8869.
BulkRegister offers domain portfolio management tools, wholesale prices and industry-leading customer service to its enterprise members and extensive reseller network.  For more information about BulkRegister, please contact BulkRegister sales at [email protected] or 877-841-6827.
About BulkRegister
One of the oldest registrars, BulkRegister ( was founded in 1999, is accredited by ICANN, and is the world’s leading B2B domain name registrar, offering wholesale prices and industry-leading customer service to their enterprise members and extensive reseller network.  BulkRegister never competes with its members and does not advertise its products to the retail community.  BulkRegister provides a full suite of domain name services, and secure portfolio management to a global network of over 28,000 members including Global 2000 businesses, resellers, not-for-profit organizations, and legal professionals in the IP/trademark practice areas. Thanks to an aggressive product development and release timeline, BulkRegister ensures its reseller and corporate members have the necessary services to increase and protect online revenue. BulkRegister provides all of its members with the highest level of human customer support, response time guarantees and automated management tools, allowing for greater efficiency and convenience. BulkRegister can be reached at 10 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD, 21202, by phone at 877-841-6827 or online at

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