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BulkRegister Domain Category Folders Bring Unprecedented Flexibility and Organizational Ease to Portfolio Management

Set Domain Categorization Criteria, Easily Sort, Search For, View and Move Domains to and From Multiple

September 12, 2005; 01:32 PM

BALTIMORE, MD - September 12, 2005 – BulkRegister, the world’s leading business registrar, today launched a new domain management tool that delivers unparalleled flexibility and ease-of-use to those managing large numbers of domains. The time and resources required to add, delete, sort and search for domains is onerous, time-consuming and highly inefficient.  BulkRegister Domain Category Folders eliminate these problems by allowing users to organize their domains in folders and create categorization criteria (including by NameServer) to automatically file and/or separate domains into categories. 

Users can browse all folder titles or domains in one main view, intuitively copy or move names from one folder to another, and sort by NameServer, creation date, name, keyword or any other criteria desired.  Rules can also be created to automatically assign new or transferred domains to specific folders, affording domain managers additional ease and convenience.  Domains can also be stored in multiple folders, which allows portfolio managers to sort and view domains with specific attributes while still keeping them stored in individual category folders.

To further facilitate the organization and retrieval of domains, BulkRegister users can also create an unlimited number of folders.  A unique name can be assigned to each folder, as opposed to the common industry practice of limiting folder title options to generic names such as “folder 1” “folder 2” etc., which make it difficult to search and find specific names.  Thus, BulkRegister Domain Category Folders are far easier to search, find and sort, and more intuitive and simpler to use. 

“BulkRegister Domain Category Folders make it very easy to organize domains in each account.  Now we can quickly find all of our domains, or view only those with specific attributes, without the hassle of having to manually scan multiple folders,” says Jerry DeGroot, owner of, a low-cost web hosting company that hosts thousands of web sites worldwide.  “An additional plus is the ability to automatically file away each domain using criteria and a naming system that makes sense to us.”

“Flexibility in portfolio management is critical to both resellers, enterprises and domainers managing large numbers of domains,” said Eric Rice, General Manager of BulkRegister.  “With BulkRegister Domain Category Folders, users can set views of their domains exactly how they want them, which streamlines the domain management process and saves them time and frustration.  Along with a half dozen other new tools, the introduction of folders makes our platform the most robust for domain name owners.”

Available at no additional charge to BulkRegister Premium members, the new BulkRegister Domain Category Folders service represents yet another example of BulkRegister investing in providing its users with the latest, most complete, and flexible domain management tools on the market today.  For more information on BulkRegister Domain Category Folders, visit

The reputation BulkRegister has earned for proactively improving its tools and services is paying off.  In 2004 alone, BulkRegister added 3,500 new members, eighty-percent of whom said they were referred by a current member.  For more information, please contact BulkRegister sales at [email protected] or 877-841-6827.  Send suggestions for further upgrades and capabilities to [email protected].

About BulkRegister
One of the oldest registrars, BulkRegister ( was founded in 1999, is accredited by ICANN, and is the world’s leading B2B domain name registrar, offering wholesale prices and industry-leading customer service to their enterprise members and extensive reseller network.  BulkRegister never competes with its members and does not advertise its products to the retail community.  BulkRegister provides a full suite of domain name services, and secure portfolio management to a global network of over 28,000 members including Global 2000 businesses, resellers, not-for-profit organizations, and legal professionals in the IP/trademark practice areas.  Thanks to an aggressive product development and release timeline, BulkRegister ensures its reseller and corporate members have the necessary services to increase and protect online revenue. BulkRegister provides all of its members with the highest level of human customer support, response time guarantees and automated management tools, allowing for greater efficiency and convenience.  BulkRegister can be reached at 10 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD, 21202, by phone at 877-841-6827 or online at

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