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Biggest Domain Portfolio Fire Sale for 2006

March 20, 2006; 12:56 PM
After 9 years of starting over 31 internet businesses, Mr. Dillon Dao, has literally met his match. With plans of a future engagement, he has promised his significant other more quality time, hence, he’s decided to sell all of his internet businesses. His asset sales include: his company’s online dating division, along with 423 niche dating domains, and a huge portfolio of 567 generic domain names, all of which can be seen at and

Asked why he’s selling, Dillon states, “I’ve worked 16 hours days since the start of the internet since 1996, and now its time for a new chapter in my life. It’s about time for me to start a family and settle down.” At first inspection of his domain portfolio, one would agree that they are truly great domains, not junk or made up domains. They do have a lot of intrinsic value and great potential for starting online portal and ecommerce businesses. A lot of the names are very generic and easy to remember. Basically, that’s what counts the most in valuation and domain pricing.

For instance, if someone were looking to start a college student discount ecommerce or an affiliate portal site, then would perfectly fit the business model. Or how about starting a grant writing website, helping people search, find, and write grant proposals? Then or would be the ideal name for this venture. If those weren’t enough, then here’s a few more domains to turn on your entrepreneurial spirit :,,, etc. These are just a few of the top level domains in Mr. Dao’s domain portfolio up for grabs at All of the domains in the portfolio have a business model waiting to be launched. Dillon has had a lot of successful online ventures thanks to the easy branding of his domains.

DnJournal, a website dedicated to domain sales and industry news stated that domains are more valuable than ever. Take a look at these recent domain purchases announced on

Recent domain purchases: – sold for $635,000 – sold for $12,000,000 – sold for $4,200,000 – sold for $300,000 – sold for $310,000 – sold for $126,000| – sold for $550,000 – sold for $226,950

Domain names are back and their valuations are even greater then when the internet peaked during years 1996 to 2000. For a brief education on domain names and their valuations, go to and check out two articles from The Wall Street Journal’s “New Money in Domain Names” and Business 2.0’s “Masters of their Domains”. Learn why the domain name industry will be red hot for the next 15 to 20 years to come, and why you should take action now.

To check out Mr. Dao’s portfolio sale, visit and Domainers looking to buy valuable domains will find this sale a great investment because he will be selling his portfolio way below market appraisal at bulk discounts. Everything Must be Sold!

Dillon Dao



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