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CloudShield Extends DDoS Mitigation Leadership With Awarded Patents; Enhances DDoS Mitigation Solution To Work With Commercial And Custom Distributed Denial-of-Service Detection Solutions

April 25, 2006; 05:46 AM

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - CloudShield Technologies, Inc., leading provider of intelligent managed services infrastructure for value-added security, VoIP and traffic management services, has been awarded a patent (#7,003,555) for its comprehensive network-based Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) mitigation technology. The company's intellectual property monitors and selectively controls Domain Name System (DNS) translation requests for service providers to improve performance and protect businesses against the debilitating effects of DDoS attacks. This recent patent follows an earlier DDoS mitigation technology patent (#6,829,654), focused on blocking malicious content with Web-based attacks, that was awarded to CloudShield in December, 2004.

At the heart of Internet communications, and fundamental for making VoIP calls, DNS servers have become a major target for hackers. By attacking the DNS infrastructure, Web sites, VoIP calling and critical data can be effectively taken offline. Because DNS is a key component of recent amplified DDoS attacks, CloudShield recommends that service providers seek comprehensive DDoS mitigation solutions to protect their critical packet infrastructures, including DNS services, and offer DDoS mitigation as a value-added service for their enterprise customers' DNS systems as well.

CloudShield's newest patent represents critical technology to help carriers address this growing DNS security threat. CloudShield's DDoS mitigation solution helps service providers stop attacks before they affect the customer, minimizing the risk of subscriber downtime, improving SLAs, and removing unnecessary backbone traffic loads. It also provides comprehensive filtering and enables the delivery of next generation business-class services.

"Being at the battlefront of DDoS attacks for many years, we see firsthand how DDoS attack are changing to circumvent deployed protection mechanisms," said Keith Laslop, vice president of business development at Prolexic. "Working with CloudShield for part of our overall DDoS protection system, using some of their patented techniques, we've developed a system that can easily adjust mitigation strategies and keep pace with changing attacks."

CloudShield's mitigation solutions work with commercially available DDoS detection solutions like Arbor Networks Peakflow SP, and custom DDoS detection solutions that have been implemented by many global service providers. With its open APIs, customers are able to select a best-in-class DDoS detection solution to go with the CloudShield comprehensive mitigation solution. Unlike competing mitigation options, CloudShield's system unburdens routers from generating traffic flow data, complex filtering schemes and manual mitigation configuration processes, and it offers more granular filtering capabilities.

"Denial-of-Service continues to be a problem for enterprises doing business over the network, and DoS or DDoS comes in many flavors -- some malicious and some incidental," said Vikash Varma, president of worldwide sales and field operations at CloudShield. "CloudShield has been heavily involved in the development of DDoS mitigation solutions since 2000, and recognizes the need for broad mitigation capabilities. Our platform is designed to meet service provider demand for comprehensive DDoS protection, and its open interfaces enable CloudShield to work with the service provider's choice of DDoS detection solutions."

About CloudShield

CloudShield is a provider of multi-gigabit, multi-function, programmable, deep packet inspection platforms targeted at large network operators. The company's unique capabilities allow existing content inspection, monitoring and security applications to be performed at true gigabit speeds on even small packet sizes, and enables entirely new classes of applications and revenue generating services. The CloudShield platform can inspect, process and modify packets at multi-gigabit speeds without introducing noticeable latency. Through its application partners, CloudShield has helped deliver solutions to carriers in North America, Europe and Asia as well as several important federal government customers. More information about CloudShield can be found at

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