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Recent upgrades to the web site make it easier than ever to find and buy quality dotcom domain names.

May 4, 2006; 02:24 AM
This is an exciting time for the Internet. Gone are the days of anything will work just build a website. The immature actions of early Internet entrepreneurs backed by blind investors with bottomless wallets that resulted in the infamous dot bust are a distant memory. In their place have risen solid and successful Internet ventures whose business model has withstood the test of time and have continued to grow.

In fact says one Internet expert the future for net entrepreneurs with a good business model and solid action plan looks brighter than ever.

Scott Alliy President and founder of the worlds largest training search engine points out "there are uncounted hundreds perhaps thousands of Successful Internet businesses yet to be started and these business will appear over the next five to ten years". The best place to begin building a successful Internet business according to Scott is by choosing a good meaningful and memorable domain name as he did with

Scott has been scouring the net for available premium dotcom domain names and buying those that experience tells him will make a good foundation for the next generation of Internet entrepreneurs. He is making premium dotcom domain names like WeFinance available to buy at a domain name search engine.

According to Scott, "There are three major and easily identifiable components of any successful internet business. Foundation strategy and execution are the three guideposts that help steer a new Internet business and keep them on the road to success."

A good foundation begins with identifying a market and building a user friendly website. Since people often visit a site multiple times before making a buying decision part of the success of a good foundation is having a meaningful memorable domain name.

Scott encourages Internet entrepreneurs or struggling Internet business owners to visit and consider the impact of owning or adding a quality dotcom domain name to their business.

About Us: Scott Alliy is President of Allied Internet Solutions a Houston based Internet consulting firm and of the worlds largest training search engine.

AIS specializes in the creation and development of niche market Internet directories and websites like and many others.

Scott Alliy
Allied Internet Solutions Inc.
800 349 1935

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