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Web Hosting Company Host Color Adds Free .EU Domain To Multi Plan

May 5, 2006; 06:53 AM
Host Color launched earlier this month a Multi Domain web hosting plan, allowing its customers to host 10 different websites in one web hosting account. The plan comes with 10 GB space and 200 GB monthly transfer. Site owners can share data and services between ten different websites. Additional space and bandwidth are also available at low cost.

"We hope that opening .EU domain for public registration to EU citizens will globalize the European web hosting service market which now is still divided by national borders. Host Color LLC pays significant attention to the European market. We hope it becomes more competitive and more web hosts are encouraged to step over the national borders and to start providing web hosting services across Europe" says Host Color's Customer Care Manager Alexander Avramov.

Besides the .EU domain promotion, Host Color also offers one free month to everyone who joins with a 6 month subscription. The web hosting provider announced it will keep the bonus month when customers renew their service.

Host Color's executives claim their company has strong market positions in providing reliable budget and shared web hosting services. "Serving thousands of personal and small business customers and securing reliable support and personalized service is what we have been doing for 5 years ago. We took a certain risk by establishing .EU hosting service at time when most Europeans preferred to use web hosts based in their own countries.", says company's Customer Care manager.

Company's business analysts say that development of the European Enion dot-com economy will receive massive boost from .EU domain launch. Registered EU domains are now more than 1.5 million, a number which already surpassed the active .biz extensions.

Host Color says the company is focused in providing value added website and business tools to hosting customers instead of increasing space and bandwidth limits to ridiculous numbers.

"It is very clear that no one can host even 100 web sites per server if they allow every single customer to use for example 15 GB space and 500 GB monthly transfer. An industry leading server providers such as EV1 offered a dedicated server with 500 GB monthly transfer rate in 2003. Now many shared hosts claim they provide their shared hosting customers with the same amount of data transfer. They know know the only chance to provide the service offered is to hope that customers would never require it" adds Stoyan Marinov, Host Color's system engineer.

Host Color's message to partners and competitors is that providing a hosting service by hoping no one would fully use it is definitely not a viable service policy for any well-established company.

About Host Color
Host Color LLC is a US web hosting company incorporated in Delaware. It has been operating on the hosting market since 2000. The company hosts thousands of personal and business Web sites. Host Color LLC offers web hosting services in US and European data centers. The hosting company provides shared hosting services in Europe through Host Color Europe web site.

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