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Iron Mountain Introduces Enforcement Service for Protecting Brands and Intellectual Property Online at the INTA Annual Meeting

Market-Driven Offering Protects Corporate Identity and Brands with Real-Time Internet Monitoring and Searching for Infringement

May 8, 2006; 05:51 AM

TORONTO - INTA Annual Meeting, Booth #815 - Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) today announced the introduction of its new Enforcement Service for protecting brands and intellectual property online here at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting. The Enforcement Service is part of Iron Mountain's portfolio of Domain Name Management solutions and helps customers protect their corporate identity and brands on the Internet in a pragmatic way, with real-time monitoring and easy-to- interpret reports. As the global leader in information protection and storage services, Iron Mountain has the expertise and experience to address complex information challenges including the protection and enforcement of a corporation's identity online.

Through custom, client-controlled, continuous Internet monitoring, Iron Mountain's Enforcement Service gives companies the power to detect, track, and analyze potential and imminent threats to corporate identity. The industry's most sophisticated tool both to manage and protect intellectual property, the Enforcement Service provides clients a secure, multi-user environment where employees from such diverse functional groups as legal, marketing, and product development can easily share information and collaborate to monitor the company's online presence and to track and maintain trademarks, brands, patents and products. Customers can now understand how much an abuse incident may be impacting their business and take steps to recover lost revenues.

"At Certified Angus Beef, our brand is a mark of the world's premium brand of fresh beef. To maintain this highest standard, we need to proactively protect the use of our trademarks and our name," stated Brent Eichar, senior vice president at Certified Angus Beef. "Companies like Iron Mountain and its Enforcement Service help us to effectively protect our brand and ensure that only licensed distributors, restaurants and retail stores use the Certified Angus Beef (R) trademarks to promote the product."

"Just as intellectual property is becoming the cornerstone of the U.S. economy, the challenges of managing and protecting it are more complex than ever. Companies must be able to find and act on infringement more quickly in order to control it," said Jennifer Brock, director of product management at Iron Mountain. "Iron Mountain's Enforcement Service provides the right set of customizable monitoring and searching tools plus human experience and knowledge to address those challenges."

The Enforcement Service's powerful, automated search engine continuously crawls the Internet for brand asset and intellectual property references, including blogs, web content including auction sites, domain name registrations, search engines, registries, patent databases and message boards. It then uses proprietary "push" technology to automatically deliver incidences of potential infringement -- as often as daily -- to various contacts in the organization for maximum efficiency and rapid response. The Enforcement Service can track for patent applications, newsgroup activity, logos, offensive associations, trademark infringements, unauthorized linking relationships, and copycat sites. It generates reports which graphically break information down into useful categories to facilitate analysis and action.

At the same time, the Enforcement Service provides full trademark and patent management capabilities. The system automatically populates with data on all company-owned trademarks, including prosecution history, correspondence, graphic mark, and owner. For patents, it automatically loads data including abstracts, process diagrams, inventors, classification, and prior art, and permits sorting by useful categories such as patent issue/reissue dates. The Enforcement Service provides single-source management for this information, which is of particular value to companies with decentralized operations, complicated legal organizations, or that have grown through acquisition.

"Iron Mountain's Enforcement Service makes managing IP simple and proactive," said Brock. "Its enforcement capabilities clear the Internet smoke screen to deliver actionable items in transparent, logical form. It is an indispensable tool to doing business in a global online economy, where risk reduction, cost management and consistency are paramount."

Underscoring the importance of monitoring corporate identity online, Lawrence E. Penn III, managing director at The Camelot Group, said, "In private equity, sophisticated intelligence tools like Iron Mountain's Enforcement Service pierce the armor of Internet overload, allowing us to cost-effectively gather the candid comments of employees, competitors, and
'influencers' collected from the ever increasing pool of nontraditional sources; quick access to patent information is also invaluable."

Iron Mountain's Enforcement Service offers the following unique benefits:

* Around-the-clock support: log in any time, get new results constantly, and use the dynamic links to quickly navigate source materials

* A high degree of flexibility and refinement when setting up search parameters, including Boolean searching to limit/narrow data and to create custom prioritization schemes

* Searching against a picture or logo

* Monitoring of trademark and patent applications for similar terms and/or competing technologies

* Identification of domain name registrations that include terms similar to trademarks, on a daily basis

* Graphical reporting for results that are easy-to-read and interpret

Iron Mountain works with globally recognized corporate customers and law firms that typically require sophisticated tools and dedicated personal service to help them consolidate and manage domain name portfolios of 50 to 15,000 domain names located at multiple registries, registrars and internal business units. As these companies' brands and corporate identities are increasingly tied to the global capabilities of the Internet, management and protection of associated domain name records becomes a critical task. With the introduction of Iron Mountain's Enforcement Service, customers have a superior professional online tool for online brand and corporate identity protection.

Iron Mountain's Enforcement Service is powered by ULTRA(TM); a technology supplied by Iron Mountain partner Avestar-IP, LLC, and will be available starting this month. Customers can access the Enforcement Service via the Iron Mountain Connect Domain Name Center portal. The service is a separate option, and offers flexible configurations for various amounts of users and keywords.

Iron Mountain will demonstrate its Enforcement Service this week at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, May 7-10th (Booth #815).

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