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Press Releases by Registrar Announces Improvements to their Hosting, Web-based Email, and Site Builder Products

May 8, 2006; 02:16 AM

Scottsdale, AZ - Registar, the quality low-cost domain registration service and web hosting provider, now supports Web sites created using Ruby on Rails™ and rolled their Web-Based Email 4.0. The site builder application, WebSite Tonight®, now gives anyone the ability to automatically and instantaneously add fresh and attractive content to their site through RSS feeds.'s web hosting plans now support Web sites created using Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails™ is an open-source framework which lets developers easily assemble rich and dynamic Web sites. Programming with Rails allows a Web designer to wrap applications easily around a database. It has been widely acclaimed in Web development and software engineering circles as a new standard for ease of development and speed of delivery.'s Web-Based Email 4.0 is coupling the benefits of a desktop email program with the convenience of a Web-based platform. It is a feature-rich upgrade to that already successful email program, giving customers many new features:

* Instantly preview email messages while scrolling through them in the inbox
* Unique Drag and Drop to quickly move email messages for easy filing
* Search your email OR the entire Web in a single click and save searches for future reference
* Create folders from any screen view without a complicated folder management interface
* Customize the program's appearance by choosing from among a wide variety of color palettes

WebSite Tonight® site builder now offers dynamic content. The newest version of allows site creators to incorporate RSS feeds into their pages in minutes, without any programming skills or extra software. These feeds, which can include news, weather, sports, stock prices or even blogs, constantly update the page contents. Although the Registrar provides dozens of feeds for customers to include in their site, customers have the option to add their own.

WebSite Tonight is a quick and easy tool for building professional-looking Web sites. It offers more than 670 template options, 30 flash introductions, easy form editing and more than 1,700 premium images. With the simplicity of point-and-click design, the user can get a site online in minutes. WebSite Tonight plans include hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, generous disk space, abundant bandwidth and up to 400 email accounts at no additional charge.

For more information about Registrar products and services, visit and ask for additional information if needed.

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