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Brand New Domain Names Released to the Internet - The Rush Begins Again

May 10, 2006; 06:36 AM
It’s not just the new ".USA" domain names that are being snapped up, suddenly, domains like ".TEXAS" and ".HOLLYWOOD" are proving popular, as are the more trendy options like ".MUSIC", ".GORGEOUS", ".MILLIONAIRE" and ".COOL". People have discovered that you can now create just about anything you want.

Already, thousands of websites like www. not.crazy, www. talk.jazz and www. are springing up across the world. A new dimension has been added to the Internet that anyone can use virtually without restriction. It’s not ICANN nor its alternative, instead think of a Private Network in conjunction with the current domain name system. These new domain names offer almost limitless possibilities for all those wanting personalization and easy-to-remember options. dotWORLDS (, who are giving away these domain names, have been inundated as Internet users continue to register more and more of the most memorable and distinctive names. Imagination unlimited has arrived.

With these new domains, there’s brand new email too. The Internet’s first global spam-free email system is here. Create almost any email address your heart desires. Now you can send and receive to all these addresses as well as send to the outside (ie the .coms and .nets). Crucially however, the system is designed to ensure that the outside world of spam cannot reach you. Finally, parents can have the confidence that their kids will be safe from insidious attack, and that the only emails they will be getting are the emails they want.

Right now all domain names, email address at dotWORLDS are free. Free hosting is offered too. Visit for further information.

About dotWORLDS Ltd.
dotWORLDS Ltd is a UK company based in London that specializes in providing fully personalized Internet domain names, email addresses and hosting plans, offering the widest range available through its global infrastructure.

+44 (0) 870 749 4178

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