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Real Estate Network Launching 3,000 Web Sites

May 12, 2006; 03:30 AM
Minneapolis, MN - the nation's only network of 3,000 premium real estate web sites and domains announces the launch of local portal web sites supported by search engine and rich media advertising.

“Location, Location, Location - Just like real estate, Internet real estate is limited and success for online advertisers will ultimately be determined by location (domain name). Our premium web sites and domain names entice and attract more clicks and web site visitors. Also, search engines apply a higher ranking for our relevant domain names along with relevant content,” said Randy Kempenich, President of Kemteck Inc., owner of web sites and domains.

“Internet real estate marketing has exploded. According to a report by Borrell and Associates, local online advertising will increase by 39% in 2006. More impressively, by 2009 online advertising expenditures will surpass newspapers. A recent Google report stated that local real estate advertising/adwords accounted for ½ of the local keyword revenue. Our inventory of local real estate domains clearly will have a significant impact for advertisers and marketers,” said Kempenich.

“The challenge for marketers and advertisers is finding relevant local web sites to place ads and market. Most portal real estate advertising spots are sold and not available. We are providing premium web sites such as:,,,,,,,, and many more,” said Kempenich.

“Four recent developments and trends convince us to launch local portal web sites supported by ads and rich media. First, tremendous growth and movement to Internet “local” advertising. Second, movement by advertisers from search engine marketing to vertical and portal web sites because of costs and performance issues. Third, growth and measurable higher performance of rich media ads placed on relevant web sites. Lastly, there is a shortage of relevant, local portal web sites for advertisers and marketers,” said Kempenich.

Interested parties should inquire ASAP. Like real estate -prime locations (web site advertising spots) will go first. Availability is limited.

For sample web site visit;

For availability and questions call (612-623-3216)

About is the nation's only network of 3,000 premium real estate web sites and domain names. is a regularly featured innovator at the Real Estate Connect Conferences in New York and San Francisco. web sites are consumer centric and locally niche focused with a very high search engine and ad click-thru with quality consumer lead capture. Each individual web site is marketed and designed for a specific metropolitan area. Locally focused web sites are able to provide better local content, more useful information and locally based real estate services for the consumer. Locally based web sites provides the ability to target market and develop more focused traffic which will provide quality referrals and sales for our partner real estate brokers and advertisers. Kemteck ( Inc owns and affiliated web sites.

Kemteck Inc.
Randy Kempenich

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