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Trademark Owners Get First in Line for Dotmobi Domain

EnCirca Accepting Pre-Registrations for .mobi Trademark Sunrise Period

May 17, 2006; 05:44 AM

WOBURN, Mass. - EnCirca ( announces it is accepting pre-registrations from trademark owners for the dotmobi trademark sunrise period. The dotmobi domain, such as, is intended for websites that can be viewed from wireless devices. Investors of dotmobi include Microsoft, Google, Nokia and Erickson.

The dotmobi Sunrise Registration phase is an opportunity for trademark holders to register their trademarks as dotmobi names before registrations are made available to the general public later this summer.

"Trademark owners are advised to get their applications in as early as possible," says Tom Barrett. "Due to the recent launch of the .eu domain, there has been a flood of trademark registrations by domain name investors. Many of these will be eligible for the dotmobi sunrise period."

"There are more ICANN Registrars than usual accepting sunrise registrations," continues Barrett. "One of the reasons is the recognition that there are many more trademark owners than normal eligible for the dotmobi sunrise period."

The .mobi sunrise period is divided into two time periods. The first one is for trademark owners in the wireless telecommunications industry and the second is open to all trademark owners.

Wireless Industry Trademarks - May 22nd to May 29th

Starting Monday, May 22nd the mobile telecommunications industry will have an opportunity to register their trademark names as dotmobi domain names. Eligibility is limited to the mobile industry organisations of AMTA, CTIA, CWTA, GSMA, MMA, MEF, NZWF and RCA. This Limited Industry Sunrise will continue until Monday, May 29th. For a list of eligible companies, contact EnCirca (

All Other Trademarks - June 12th to August 21st

Monday, June 12th is the start of the Sunrise phase when all other trademark holders can register their trademark as dotmobi domain names. This Trademark Sunrise will continue until Monday, August 21st, a period of 70 days. It is important to note that registrations will be first-come, first-served. So common trademarks should be submitted the day sunrise begins.

Following the trademark sunrise periods, dotmobi will begin a land rush for dotmobi.

Dotmobi Land Rush - August 28

Beginning on August 28th dotmobi begins a two-week land rush period. During this phase, a premium list of names will be available to the highest bidder.

General Registrations - September 14

Open registrations begin on September 14. To be notified when EnCirca will start accepting pre-registrations for General Registrations, create a free user account.

About EnCirca

EnCirca, Domain Name reseller for the .mobi domain operated by the mTLD Top-Level Domain Registry, is an ICANN-accredited Registrar founded in 2001, specializing in brand protection in new top-level domain extensions. .mobi is the Internet address for websites customized for wireless devices. Investors for dotmobi include Google, Microsoft and Nokia. For more information, visit

Tom Barrett
[email protected]

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