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SiteParker Reveals Trends in Direct Navigation

New SiteParker DNA Indicates High Response Rates Combined with Frequent Repeat Visits and Usage

May 25, 2006; 06:35 AM

NEW YORK - SiteParker, a leading content creation and monetization system for undeveloped sites, today launched the SiteParker DNA (Direct Navigation Analytics), showcasing quarterly trends within thousands of sites monetized by SiteParker. SiteParker, a service of Innovation Interactive, empowers domain name registrars and domain name holders to realize significant value from their parked site inventory by delivering highly targeted, directly related messaging throughout parked sites.

SiteParker DNA tracked metrics related to users visiting sites within the SiteParker service via direct navigation. The data which includes visits, clicks and usage statistics, compiled from January 1, 2006 - March 31, 2006, was assembled from over 15,000 domains across over multiple categories.

Key findings from the analysis clearly point to a high volume of interaction between users and content displayed on undeveloped parked domains:

-- Strong Interaction: 11.8% of the unique users who visited one or more sites via direct navigation clicked on an advertisement on the page, with average click through rates of approximately 15.2%.

With an average of 1.3 page views per unique user, with each unique user clicking on an ad 1.68 times, there is a clear indication that users are interested in the content when they reach the site.

30.8% of unique users clicked on two or more advertisements on one or more sites over the quarter, demonstrating that users find the results relevant and will engage the content to find additional results. In fact, one in five unique users (22.8%) responded to two or more advertisements on one site within a single session.

-- Repeat Visits: Almost 9% of unique users returned to a site more than once within the quarter, demonstrated content relevance and usefulness. By delivering useful content, users will continue to visit the site as a helpful way to navigate.

-- Location: Advertisement location plays a very integral role in response rates. In fact, almost 80% of the clicks were from the first five results. More than 90% of the clicks derived from the sites occurred within the first 10 results.

"Users are not only navigating directly to sites, but are continuing to use these new sites as springboards for finding relevant content around the Internet," said Will Margiloff, CEO of Innovation Interactive, parent of SiteParker. "With increased functionality, content and relevancy, direct navigation continues to act a navigation method for accessing content across the Internet. Domain owners and sophisticated services like bring value to consumers by enhancing undeveloped sites."

SiteParker DNA (Direct Navigation Analysis) tracks key quarterly metrics related to users visiting sites within the SiteParker service via direct navigation. The fluctuations measured by SiteParker DNA should be viewed in the context of the categories reported, and not as a proxy for the entire direct navigation industry. SiteParker publishes the DNA on a quarterly basis and will from time to time track and publish trends associated with events and holidays of interest. Future DNA reports, beginning in July to report on results from the second quarter of 2006, will compare quarter-to-quarter trends. Data from the Q1 2006 Study is available at

About SiteParker

SiteParker is a leader in content creation and monetization of Direct Navigation traffic using sophisticated algorithms to provide optimal yield for tens of thousands of sites and maximum payouts for their owners. Launched in 2006, SiteParker combines patent-pending technology, content, search thought leadership, domain knowledge and superior monetization relationships. SiteParker is a service of Innovation Interactive Inc. More information about SiteParker, including free enrollment information, can be found at

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