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Canadian Domain Name Services Inc. Sets the Record Straight Regarding Cancellation

June 6, 2006; 02:29 AM
OSHAWA, ON - Canadian Domain Name Services Inc. (, one of Canada's leading .ca Domain Name Registrars, cancelled a domain name,, on Friday, June 2, because the registration had been completed with completely fabricated contact information and the supposed registrant refused to comply with's request for proof of eligibility to register a .ca domain name and to also provide correct contact information, as is required by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

Eric Beck, CEO of s states, "At no time, to our knowledge, was contacted by anyone from Mr. Volpe's office." The suspicion that the domain name might have been registered using fabricated information came to an employee's attention through a phone call from a Globe and Mail newspaper reporter who claimed that the administrative contact phone number for the domain registrant, was disconnected. This prompted the employee to review the database entry for the domain name registration.

The employee verified that the phone number was disconnected. The employee looked at the rest of the information had received for the domain name registration, and found that all the information was fabricated. The address used didn't exist. Foreign country information was given for the billing contact, which further prompted the employee to wonder whether or not the supposed domain name Registrant, could even meet the Canadian Presence Requirements as required by CIRA.

Based on the fact that the domain name registration was in complete violation of CIRA's registration rules in that it was registered using totally fabricated information, the domain name was marked for cancellation at CIRA, by the employee. This process first involves the domain name being suspended. The process then allows for a possible reversal of the suspension and cancellation process, and a reinstatement of the domain name should the domain name Registrant choose to comply with the Registrar's request to provide correct information. did then request correct information from the supposed domain name Registrant, and asked also for proof of meeting the Canadian Presence Requirements, as per CIRA's domain name registration rules.

The supposed domain name Registrant refused to comply and responded in a hostile manner towards the employee's legitimate request, instead accusing the employee of acting under political influence. A number of emails were exchanged between the supposed domain name Registrant and the employee, one of which had a reference to a section of the CIRA domain name registration rules which did not truly apply to the reason the domain name was suspended. The misquote was simply an error in judgement on the part of the employee who at this point had become a bit flustered by the hostility and refusal to cooperate, coming from the supposed domain name Registrant, and so offered a sarcastic facetious response at that point. At this point the true identity of the supposed domain name Registrant was still unknown to, since he/she refused to comply with the request to provide contact information and proof of meeting the Candadian Presence Requirements.

The Globe and Mail, in an online article, published incorrect information in which it said that Mr. Volpe's campaign had the web site shut down. That was not the case, and the Globe and Mail has been contacted by about the erroneous information. Mr. Beck says, AMs. Taber has admitted that the publishing of the information was at the very least, inaccurate, and gave indication that she would be taking's demand for a retraction to her editor, agreeing that a retraction was appropriate. has also contacted Mr. Volpe's office demanding a retraction. AMr. Volpe's Director of Communications, Cory Hobbs, has assured that a retraction from their office will be issued by Tuesday, June 6, 2006. Mr. Hobbs was in agreement with that no such request came from Mr. Volpe's office or campaign, and agreed that was entitled to a retraction of the false statement. That statement was also quoted by Ms. Taber in the Globe article, the statement having been apparently falsely uttered through an email sent by a person who was a junior volunteer on the Volpe campaign at the time of the email, states Beck. anxiously awaits the issuance of a retraction statement from Mr. Volpe's office, and to a complete and public retraction from the Globe and Mail, both for their respective false statements that had acted under political influence with regards to the correct performance of its duties as a .ca Registrar with respect to the domain name registration.

Canadian Domain Name Services Inc. (caDNS) is certified by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) as a .ca Domain Name Registrar and maintains offices in Oshawa, Ontario. also offers domain name registrations in other extensions, such as .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .tv, .name, and .cc., as well as a Domain Forwarding and Email Forwarding Service combined into a low cost DNS Service package. Web Site Hosting is also available at

For further information: To arrange a media interview, please contact Eric Beck at [email protected] or by telephone at (905) 429-8322.

Eric Beck
[email protected]



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