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Texas.St among US State Domains Being Auctioned

June 16, 2006; 07:04 AM
Texas.St and 27 other individual “State” or ‘st’ domain names are up for an internet auction at Industry insiders predict a frenzy over the new worldwide accepted domain extension which so easily associates itself with any ‘state’. The domains presently owned by Bill Roy, a domainer in England

"In an internet world the internationally recognized and accessible domain suffix “.St” is new to most people, but that is one of the domains beauties- it is strikingly relevant and yet novel, making the State domain names an excellent proposition for a companies to easily develop” says Bill Roy. ‘If we take Texas as an example, it is the advertising, marketing, and product or brand recognition that can be associated with the domain name that makes it so powerful and valuable. With a population of over 20 million and being the eighth largest economy in the world, it makes Texas one of the largest geographic and economic units available. When it is considered that the .St is automatically recognized as the abbreviation for ‘State’ you could not ask for a better domain name.”

"These domains are at the cutting edge of internet marketing" says Rever Thabiti, VP Sales and Marketing at "Imagine the advertising power behind the State domain, absolutely anything and everything to do with the State can be housed logically under one internet address. A prime example is the very fact the Texas Government site address is a convoluted With “Texas.St” being one of the new domain names available, the options are endless. The sure volume of immediate traffic even by happenchance is tremendous.”

"Additionally," adds Roy, "in an internet marketing world that is constantly shrinking, and yet hamstrung by convention, these domains allow for novel and immediate impact. Each of the State domains are prime internet real estate property, and in a world of fluctuating share markets these domain names allow the investor to monopolize and develop markets that are utilized by millions of people every month.’

Beth Loehrke , Sr. Account Manager and media spokesperson for comments, "The hardest part of organizing the auctions was debating the opening bid price for the individual States. We had to take into account recent domain sales like ($175,000), ($159,500), ($150,000), ($717,918) and last weeks reported sale of ($250,000). In the end it was the sale where we decided to start from and all the individual States have been priced at an opening bid of $250,000 each, with the exception of Texas.St, which has been set at $500,000 due to its size and economic importance. It has also decided not to put a reserve on any of the States, so the opening bid is a true starting bid and we will let the auctions find the true value of each State, whilst the sale of the whole portfolio is expected to easily exceed $10 million.’

The 28 State domain names being auctioned at are: www.Arizona.St; www.Colorado.St; www.Georgia.St; www.Hawaii.St; www.Illinois.St; www.Iowa.St; www.Kansas.St; www.Kentucky.St; www.Louisiana.St; www.Maryland.St; www.Massachusetts.St; www.Michigan.St; www.Minnesota.St; www.Mississippi.St; www.Nevada.St; www.NewJersy.St; www.NewMexico.St; www.NorthCarolina.St; www.Ohio.St; www.Oklahoma.St; www.Oregon.St; www.Pennsylvania.St; www.RhodeIsland.St; www.SouthDakota.St; www.Texas.St; www.Utah.St; Vermont.St; and Wyoming.St is best known in the industry for stockpiling TLD’s (top-level domains) and offering them to the public on a “name your own price” basis to allow smaller investors a better chance to compete in the lucrative Domain Name aftermarket. For more info please call 720-949-5252 or visit

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