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Cordance and NeuStar Open the I-Names Global Registry

Universal "Digital Address" Available for Individuals and Businesses in Support of OASIS XRI Standards

June 21, 2006; 08:09 AM

STERLING, VA – Cordance, the corporate administrator for the i-names global namespace, and NeuStar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a leading provider of essential communications services to the global communications and Internet industry, announced that the Global Registry Service for i-names will officially open today at 7:00 PM EDT, (23:00 GMT).

Individuals and businesses will be able to establish a "digital address" for themselves that will help them protect their identity and privacy, as well as provide a spam-safe means to be contacted over the Internet. NeuStar will operate the i-names Global Registry Service (GRS).

“Persistent identifiers as defined by OASIS, like personal digital addresses, will become key to trusted consumer services online," said Mark Foster, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for NeuStar. "They enable consumers and businesses to control their public ‘digital identity.’

Eventually, people will no longer have to use vulnerable forms of contact information, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, credit card
numbers, or social security numbers, when interacting or conducting business over the Internet. We see the OASIS XRI standards for i-names as an important complement to the identity management standards at the Liberty Alliance and our enabling identity federation services.” The XRI standards use and interoperate with the SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language) standard, which is a key enabler to Liberty Alliance architecture.

Beginning today, two new i-name digital address namespaces become available: “=name” and “@name.” Individuals may use their =name as a privacy-protecting alternative to giving out email addresses or telephone numbers. For example, individuals may freely publish their =name as their public contact point on web-pages, blogs, or business cards as a way to be contacted by others who can also authenticate their digital identity, thus preventing spam. Businesses, organizations or other groups may use their @name to offer a variety of new digital identity and trusted data exchange services.

"Using a digital address is more convenient for consumers because they can be freely published as a simple, safe point of reference for an individual," said Vince Caluori, CEO of Cordance. "I-names are the easiest and most powerful form of digital address, because they are simpler than a website address, require no special technology expertise, support multiple languages, and automatically provide the identity services people will use most."

I-names, which are based on the XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier) specifications from OASIS, may initially be registered in English/Latin, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters. Support for additional character sets is planned for the future. "I-names are the first global address space designed from the ground up to represent all languages," said Mr. Caluori.
Cordance, as the original developer of the OASIS XRI standards, has contracted with NeuStar to operate the i-names authoritative registry and resolution service for global

XRIs in the same way that they currently do for the .biz and .us top level domains. Individuals and organizations may register i-names via accredited i-brokers and their authorized resellers. In alphabetical order, these initially include, 2idi, Encirca, EZiBroker, INITECH, JanRain, and LinkSafe.

In addition to spam-safe contact service, i-brokers will be offering two other basic i-services: single sign-on service, which enables consumers to use their i-name and a single, strong, secure password to log in to websites or web-based applications; and forwarding service, which allows individuals or businesses to create their own simple, permanent digital addresses for web pages, blogs, photos, videos, files, etc.

Links to all participating i-brokers and further information about i-services are available at

About NeuStar
NeuStar (NYSE: NSR) is a provider of essential clearinghouse services to the North American communications industry and Internet service providers around the world. Visit NeuStar online at

About Cordance
Cordance is the original innovator of XRI technology and administrator of the i-name Global Registry Service under contract by, the international non-profit public trust organization chartered to govern open, community-based XRI and XDI infrastructure. More information about i-names and services that use i-name digital addresses can be found at

About is a diverse, progressive, and customer-focused global i-broker whose sole mission is to provide its customers with ONE id –a personal, permanent, simple, highly secure, identifier that works across all the networked communications devices, from computers to mobile phones. Years of research and development makes one of the world’s most secure and highly protected web sites, and will provide its users with multiple services that promote privacy, safety, security, and complete control of their personal and business information.

About 2idi
As the implementer of the Early Global Services program, 2idi was the original i-broker. 2idi offers a very simple and fast user-interface with standard OpenID authentication and i-name contact services. 2idi will soon introduce an enhanced services package with many new features.

About EZiBroker
EZiBroker is a fast, easy way for retailers, with any level of technical expertise or available development resources, to sell i-names and a growing number of i-services to individuals and businesses. EZiBroker provides a low-cost, low-risk entry into this revolutionary, unique, user-centric Internet namespace.

About Encirca
EnCirca, is an ICANN-Accredited Registrar, was formed in 2001 to focus on the creation, management and protection of digital identities. Once individuals are able to control their interactions and how their personal information is shared on the internet, then universal adoption of the internet for communication, collaboration and commerce will occur.

INITECH will launch i-broker service to provide secure and convenient “communication identity.” This service has been introduced in the U.S., and now INITECH is providing it in the Korean language. Clicking the "Green Button" will lead you to i-names registration, spam-proof contact service, and information sharing service.

About JanRain
JanRain, Inc. is the industry leader in OpenID library development and currently runs sites including, and JanRain is the first OpenID developer to add support for i-names and will be running a full i-name i-broker service by late summer 2006.

About LinkSafe is an i-broker and Identity Provider (IdP) that puts its customers first. We’re dedicated to the principles of user-centric identity and we’ll work to provide independence and freedom even when that makes it easier for you to take your business somewhere else. That’s our promise.

NeuStar Media Contact:
Marc Abshire
+1 (571) 434-5151
i-name: =abshire (
[email protected]

Cordance Media Contact:
Drummond Reed
+1 (206) 618.8530
i-name: =drummond.reed (
[email protected]

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