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Miss out on the .COM Race?

June 21, 2006; 01:02 AM

Global Domains International (GDI) has potential to become the largest direct sales/network marketing company in the world in terms of number of distributors and customers!.

GDI sell Web domain names ending in .WS, and provides Web site creation and monthly hosting with email service, all for less than most others charge for any one of these services. As you read this story and when you see the company's international DVD, you'll understand why we at Network Marketing Business Journal (NMBJ) make this phenomenal statement.

There are approximately one billion people with global access to the Internet with hundreds of millions logging on each day, and this number is growing. There are 200 million existing Web sites currently, but experts predict that there will be 500 million domains names and Web sites active globally within the next decade. If you could earn just $1 per month on 100,000 customers, that would be an insane amount of money. Direct sales/network marketing industry experts believe it is possible to have one million people in a downline with this wide-appeal type of product.

And certainly 100,000 in a GDI downline would not be out of the question. This becomes exceedingly realistic, when you consider that the network marketing industry is approaching 100 million people worldwide alone. Most everyone in network marketing needs at least one Web site. Although many companies provides a replicated Web site, GDI allows distributors to create a permanent home Web page of their own. Many direct sales companies are actually using GDI as an affiliate program since it offers such a great value. In fact, the value of GDI's high-tech Web services are better than any other company's within our industry as well as outside of it and that will attract customers and opportunity prospects to GDI in numbers unheard of before.

Domain names - get the one you want for life.

A domain name is simply an address on the internet. Rather than having to remember a difficult series of IP (internet protocol) numbers, by which computers know which individual Web site is located where, (for example,, you can just type in a textual address, such as

GDI offers excellent domain name availability, instant registrations, 24-hour global DNS activation and secure domain management and editing. You and your customers can finally get the names you want, and keep them for life!.

You can begin building an international organization right from home, TODAY!

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