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Web4com Announces Auction of High-Impact "" Domain Name

June 29, 2006; 03:46 AM

Wine distribution - particularly for vendors who have embraced the booming online marketplace - is an incredibly competitive business. Discriminating consumers demand reasonable pricing, a wide selection, and, most importantly, vendor credibility. If the distributor can't sell its own brand, the consumer will quickly lose interest - and a compelling domain name is vital to the success of online branding.

The competition for recognizable and powerful domain names is hardly new - certain domains have fetched extraordinarily high prices in recent years (for example, sold for 3 million dollars in 1999). In today's business world, domains are one of the hottest commodities around. However, many of the ideally simple or appropriate domains are actively in use and are not available for purchase. So what is a business owner or entrepreneur to do? has created a simple yet effective solution for this problem - they've developed an unprecedented branding campaign using the "Web4" title - and these domains are rapidly becoming increasingly popular among Internet vendors and business owners.

By announcing the auction of the highly coveted "Web4Wine" domain, this innovative company offers wine distributors a chance to get ahead in the game of online sales.

"The Web4Wine domain is an incredibly powerful tool for those in the wine industry," says James Devlin, CEO of "It's concise, effective and already carries with it the growing Web4 branding that consumers have begun to recognize and embrace - and successful branding is absolutely key to success in the online marketplace."

"We've received a great deal of interest and attention in regard to the upcoming auction," adds Devlin. "We're excited to be a part of a growing Internet phenomenon and to be able to offer such a valuable asset to wine distributors across the world."

The auction will take place via an online sale at on July 1, 2006. Interested parties may visit to receive more information or to enroll as a participant.

James Devlin CEO,
[email protected]



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