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Dot TK Domain Name Registry Launches Auction Domain

July 11, 2006; 08:55 AM

Amsterdam - Dot TK, the registry for .TK Internet Domain Names, announced today the launch of Dot TK Auction Domain -- a new tool for Internet users to promote their online auction or product on the Internet.

In an online auction setting, products are usually found through the auction website's search function. This limits the promotional options to the merchant, and the traffic to the online auction. Dot TK Auction Domain allows auctions to be found directly also outside the auction website! Dot TK Auction Domain is free of charge.

To get started with Auction Domain, the Internet user with an auction or online product promotion should capture the URL (website address) of his auction or advertisement. Usually this is a very long URL which is difficult to remember. This user simply copies and pastes this URL in the Dot TK website. The Dot TK system will visit this auction URL, register the product information, and automatically generate a custom domain name based on the product or service sold. With two easy steps a Dot TK domain name is registered. For example, a yellow bike can now not only be found on the auction website, but also by going directly to

"Auction Domain increases the possibility of being found at no cost," says Joost Zuurbier, founder of Dot TK. "With Auction Domain you can advertise your auction to other people you know, or just place a short ad with your Auction Domain in other media such as newspapers. You generate more exposure and traffic for your auction, which will increase your auction revenue."

Dot TK Auction Domain ( works with all 36 major auction and advertisement websites, such as eBay, Yahoo! Auctions, QXL, Marktplaats, Speurders, Yezzz, DHD24 and MercadoLibre.

Dot TK ( is a joint venture of the government of Tokelau, its communication company, Teletok, and Taloha, Inc., a privately held company. The government of Tokelau has appointed Taloha, Inc. as the exclusive registration entity. Taloha, Inc. is privately funded and has offices in San Francisco, USA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With its management team, experienced staff and multi-redundant backbones in both countries, Taloha, Inc. is handling millions of domain name registrations.

Joost Zuurbier
31 20 5315725
Fax: 31 20 5315721
[email protected]

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