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Two New Brokerages – One Targets Virtual Reality

Domain Sites designed to put the domain buyer and domain seller more in control.

July 11, 2006; 01:23 AM


Roseburg, OR – July 2006 - and are two new sites created by an Oregon team designed to give Domain Name Buyers and Domain Sellers more control over the domain marketing process. Both Brokerage sites have free lifetime membership and no commission on sales, plus economical and unique promotional services. They are open for new listings.

The sites are highy interactive and functional. DotComerica is a general category domain brokerage, which will be a hub for other industry-specific domain sites. makes a splash in the end-user Domain Market, offering domains for Virtual Reality, Virtual Tours, Panoramic Photography, 360 degree presentations, or any other VR-related subject. An interesting focus for a domain brokerage.

LuAnn Harmon, one of the two Oregonians who created the site explains: “We saw the exponential growth of Virtual Reality in real estate, and started doing some research.” Her enthusiasm is obviously sparked on the subject as she continues. “VR is used to showcase cars, retail items, jewelry, tourist sites, and even Mars. We dug some more and saw VR used in familiar applications in medical and surgical procedures, in training simulators, in VR headsets, in games, in aeronautical training, in defense, in film, in architectural design. We also saw a lot of equipment by Canon, Nikon, Kodak, and others - designed especially for VR photography. Software. Hardware. Programming. It was incredible. We saw VR everywhere.” Her passion for the subject is genuine and infectious.

“We thought the field was definitely strong and widespread enough to focus on,” adds Chris Kunze, the Webmaster and Mastermind of the two sites.

The creation of VRtechDomains was apparently “motivated by a lack of categorization for Virtual Reality Domains on the major domain sites”, says Kunze. Their goal was to create the ideal domain brokerage sites for disgruntled users from other sites, which they themselves have been in the past.

"We didn't like paying $50 or more on commissions. We didn't like paying for home page listing and getting bumped to a linked page. We didn't like anonymous buyer and seller exchanges where the broker is looking over your shoulder to make sure you don't exchange contact info. We tried to get rid of what we didn't like as buyers and sellers and put in what we do. We think a lot of problems had to do with commissions, So we eliminated it completely and tried to offer more promotional services and features."

They obviously want to compete with "the big guys” as they call the most popular domain brokerages on the Internet. They pride themselves as very approachable and open to suggestions. The sites have one of the most flexible Domain Searches in the industry, a low escrow fee, a domain appraisal service, and some unique and dynamic seller and domain featuring services.

One of these, their “Featured Sellers” services, is like having a mini website, applying their Advanced Domain Search to that seller’s domains only, with the seller's banner and a unique URL to direct traffic to.

The Advanced Search applied to domain management, makes DotComerica and VRtechDomains the best places for managing large holdings and finding domains for editing or deletion. Both sites have ability for bulk additions as well.

Chris Kunze has more to say on it. “Probably the biggest strength of the site is in the Search Engine. You can narrow down a search by using multiple keywords and categories, to help locate domains. Personally, I hate looking through long lists. This will be a great improvement over the existing management systems. This is part of our goal of combining all the best features of any brokerage on the Internet.”

DotComerica and VRtechDomains are the product of Panospheric Virtual Imaging (, a Roseburg, Oregon company which also is a provider of Virtual Reality Photography, website design, SEO services, and Website Hosting Services. Selling Domain Names is but one part of creating a virtual image, according to its creators. The websites are the result of many intense months of advanced programming, writing, and design. The appearance of VRtechDomains meets an important need that the VR Industry has, whether in the technological aspects or as a resource for Virtual Tour providers, VR equipment, or to better serve the website needs of those who get a virtual tours.

Go to and for more information about listing domains.


LuAnn Harmon
[email protected]
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