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July 12, 2006; 03:22 AM

SACRAMENTO, CA - An announcement by Contractor Services Company, Inc., of California has surprised the licensing and internet education industry. The intent to sell and the Federal Trademark GYL will interest the education and online licensing industries. CEO Ron Givens will accept bids beggining July 11, 2006 opening at $1,000,000 USD.

"I expect the bidding to be frantic as this is a very sought after property and a first to market opportunity for such a large demographic" stated Givens. Adding to the value of the GYL offering is the domain and federal trademark for . "When you have two high quality domains with Federal Trademarks up for grabs, specifically a highly coveted three letter domain that is relevant to it's content, you have a valuable combination that the market has already shown great interest in."

Inquiries can be made to [email protected] or by calling 916-363-7466. Bidding will end when an acceptable agreement is reached.

GYL and are registered trademarks of Contractor Services Company, inc. All rights for use are reserved.



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