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FraudLabs Launches Free Edition under New Web Design

FraudLabs Launches Free Edition under New Web Design

July 31, 2006; 12:59 AM

FraudLabs has unveiled a new Web design which improves the user interaction of the popular automated XML-based online fraud detection solution. In conjunction with the new design, FraudLabs introduced Free Edition to provide free access to low volume users, up to 90 free credits per month.

FraudLabs is an industrial strength, secure and automated XML-based solution for validating credit card transactions online.

FraudLabs develops and supports the most up-to-date and advanced scoring system for online credit card transactions. We combine over dozens of cross-checks in FraudLabs Web service to reduce online credit card frauds. The services are meeting the needs of all businesses from today's small Internet business to the most advanced e-commerce sites.

Every online transaction goes through a strict assessment process which reviews over dozen aspects of online purchase parameters to determine risk level of orders. FraudLabs web service is using platform independent XML format to exchange data between systems. All customers can integrate the web service regardless of their web server and shopping cart solutions.

FraudLabs seeks to create extraordinary fraud detection value for wide range of customers, such as internet retailer, online payment processor, custom software developer and shopping card providers. Free account package is available immediately upon registration in our Web site

About FraudLabs
Founded in 2004, FraudLabs has been actively involve in research to fight online credit card fraud. The flagship product, FraudLabs Fraud Detection Web Service, screens and detects online credit card fraud by applying checking to transaction pattern. FraudLabs's main headquarters is located in Penang, Malaysia, with regional sales office located in Florida, United States.

The company can be reached by fax at +1-941-240-2105, by email at [email protected], or on the Web at 1901 60th Place, Suite L1020, Bradenton, FL 34203, United States.



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