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No Trivial Pursuit – Trivia Players Go Online From Simple Games To Massive Multi-Player Tournaments Announcing Release Of

August 4, 2006; 06:12 AM

Las Vegas, Nevada – ZOI Interactive Technologies, Inc., provider of online consumer entertainment and life-enhancement technologies, announced today the release of “PlayAllTrivia,” ( over 1,000 new domains hosting trivia games on unique topics, which may be played online alone or in tournaments with possibly thousands of players online together at any one time.

Some of the trivia question topics offered will include Martha Stewart, animals of North America, international political leaders, films from the ‘80’s, and a thousand others. All games are short, limited to specific questions on the topic, as well as offering highlighted little-known facts as a bonus.

“Trivia online is not a trivial pursuit. In ongoing surveys, our customers and users consistently choose trivia as the most desirable game to add to our featured skill games online, and we are delighted to deliver this for our customers,” said Michael Calderone, CEO of ZOI Interactive Technologies.

Bayard Saunders, CMO, ZOI Interactive Technologies,
(619) 246-6124, [email protected],



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