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7 Reasons To Buy The Domain Name You Really Want

Internet marketing pioneer reveals why you should invest in multiple domain names now.

August 6, 2008; 07:27 AM

Anyone who questions that the internet is here to stay should think again and any business waiting on the sideline should get in the game now according to one Internet expert.

Its been a wild ride on the Internet since the mid 90s says Scott Alliy a pioneer in the field of Internet marketing. Scott whose company owns over 1100 dotcom domain names has seen it all and remembers when he was connecting to the internet in the early days using a painfully slow 1400 baud modem and dial-up connection.

Scott who is founder and President of such popular websites as the worlds largest training search engine has learned more than a few tricks about marketing on the Internet from his personal experiences.

He advises business owners and startup entrepreneurs to jump on board the internet now and says the he gives his own clients seven solid reasons that they should commit to owning more internet property aka domain names.

The Internet has endured turbulent times from early speculators whose vision for the net was soundly rejected by the market causing the all too memorable dot crash in the early 2000s.

Better technology, increased education about how to market products and services on the Internet and increased awareness of and use of the internet by consumers makes this the time to put both feet in the boat and commit to building your business on the internet claims Scott.

In case your still not convinced Scott offers the following 7 reasons for fence sitters to commit to the internet now by locating and acquiring the domain names that they need to succeed on the net.

#7 Desire - You thought of the great name domain name for your business and now you want it - follow your instincts they served you well in the past and will do so now.

#6 Competition - Your competition has jumped on board the internet and their presence jeapordizes your business.

#5 Type-in traffic - Internet surfers are more likely to remember what they want then brand names. For example the domain name is more valuable than if your are a plumber in Atlanta seeking new customers.

#4 Search Ranking - It is common knowledge that having your product or service description in your domain name leads to better search engine ranking.

#3 Increased traffic - There are multiple phrases that people think of your product service or company. the more domain names that you own the better chance that you
will receive visitors to one of your multiple related domain names.

#2 Asset Value - Domain names expecially .com are an investment in your business. When it comes time to sell your business, your investment in domain names will pay off handsomely.

#1 Security - Owning multiple domain names relating to your product service or company is a wise investment and as an added bonus besides the obvious marketing value and asset value, owning multiple domain names prevents your competition from encroaching in your space.

There are many places to find domain names for sale on the Internet says Scott. which his company owns is one such place to look for available domain names adds Scott but there are multiple other domain name search engines full of valuable Internet real estate properties waiting to make their new owner happy and their business more profitable and successful. He suggests that you use your favorite search engine to locate domain name registrars and or domain name resellers.

About Us: Scott Alliy is an Internet marketing and business consultant. Among his Internet success stories is a training seminar search engine that produces millions of dollars in sales annually. His company Allied Internet Solutions Inc. located in Houston Texas offers Internet business consulting services on a fee paid basis. For more information please call their office at 800 349-1935

Contact Info:
Scott Alliy
Allied Internet Solutions Inc.
800 349-1935



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