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Prospect Smarter Launches More Affordable, Easy-to-use Personal URL System

August 14, 2006; 05:55 AM
Prospect Smarter’s new Version 4.0 of prospectLINKS™, an easier-to-use and more affordable Personal URL System, is turning heads at smaller companies which until now were passing on PURLs.

The company, a leader in variable data printing (VDP), has taken the best features of its original Version 3.0 of prospectLINKS™ and added greater flexibility and scalability. No longer just for use with large-scale direct mail campaigns, this new version enables budget-conscious marketers to leverage the power of personal URLs without costly investment in hardware or custom software.

The result: big budget results without the big budget.

Prospect Smarter President and CEO, Steven Tingiris said, “We regularly saw our larger customers using personalized URLs to increase their direct mail response rates by 30-50% and often a lot more. But many smaller companies were passing on PURLs because the costs and technical requirements involved in setting up a personal URL campaign were too much. With this version of prospectLINKS, our mission was to make a personal URL system that was easy and affordable enough to be used in any direct mail campaign -- regardless of the size or budget.”

According to Tingiris, “…the possibilities of using variable data printing are endless. It’s a cost effective way for marketers to communicate with their best prospects more often and get increased results.”

The prospectLINKS™ system is designed to help businesses drive and track web site traffic via personalized URLs in direct mail. Businesses can more accurately measure the effectiveness of their lead-generating direct mail efforts by getting real-time, prospect-specific, response information. Each prospect is assigned a unique personalized URL, consisting of the business’ domain name and the prospect’s first and last name, which is printed on the direct mail piece. Web site landing pages are also personalized with the prospect’s name. When a prospect reaches the landing page, an instant email alert enables the business to engage the prospect in real time. This allows the business to make contact with potential customers at the minute interest is expressed, which can increase marketing conversion rates by more than 50%.

Tampa, Florida-based Prospect Smarter, Inc. ( is a leading provider of marketing measurement and optimization software and services to the business-to-business marketplace. Offering a suite of tools and applications, along with consulting and professional services since 1998, Prospect Smarter has been an innovator in the world of marketing and lead-generation solutions.

Yve Bartolomei, Prospect Smarter, Inc., (813) 264-4153, ext. 102



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