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August 31, 2006; 07:52 AM

New service turns the "old school" yellowpages, into the most powerful search engine on the planet. The service converts a business phone number into a URL and push's it to the business existing website or e-mail address.

For years new online technologies have disrupted the usage and revenue of the printed telephone book's yellow pages. However as of today there is a small ripple flowing across the Internet, with the opening of the new service. Now yellow page users can simply input a participating business phone number into their Internet browser and the zap-blast system push's the phone number to the business web or e-mail site.

Thus turning that "old school" telephone book, you know the one that's stuffed in a drawer or lost under a desk, into the most powerful search engine on the planet. Plus making online disruptive technologies superfluous

Phone numbers, PSTN (public switched telephone networks) are the common thread for business it's on letter-heads, invoices, packing slips, business cards. But computer connectivity has nothing in common with phone numbers. These devices need exact browser input of URL/domains (uniform resource locator) to connect websites and e-mail Knowing that other vendors had found trying to use telephone numbers as a (URL) web and e-mail address to be problematic.

As telephone numbers have many numbering schemes, local +area + country code, and toll free numbers, some with just numbers or letters, some with both numbers and letters and the dashes between the numbers do you use them or not. Thus making browser inputs chaotic. Yellowpage E number came up with a simple solution, infuse the telephone numbers by infusing multiple number configurations you get (many different input numbers pushed to one url for a web site or e-mail address).

This break through system of multi-variable, flex configurations eliminates input chaos while controlling most numbering schemes. Plus with the system there is no need to change web servers or e-mail accounts keep everything the same. In fact you get hits from our phone number, flex configurations address and your current web or e-mail address opening sites exponentially.

Telephone numbers are companies' best contact tool. It's only natural that their yellowpage advertised phone number becomes the number to unify the phone, the web and e-mail with one universal contact point for all.

The Yellowpage E number's no-nonsense zap-blast system connects yellow page advertised phone numbers to websites and e-mail sites without any ad's, pop-up's, cookies, spyware or adware it's safe and fast. Also there are no downloads, plug-in's or additional software for customers to have, because it works on all Internet browser's

"If you can dial it -you can click to it" declared Tom Childs founder of Yellowpage E he also said "The Yellowpage E opening promises to be a lively endeavor the service well be open to the public, any one who can't wait, for the yellow page sales staff to get in contact with them, can order today and get the business advantage of tomorrow."

Sheridan, Oregon-based Professional Forwarding Marketing Group (PFMG.BIZ) is the premiere and foremost number enhancement service leader, where communication unity with universal connectivity is our trademark. Yellowpage E will be PFMG's frist web service with more to come. The Yellowpage E number service will be directed towards telephone book publishers and Internet phone directories who can enhance there service value by offering their customers what they anticipated, wanted and needed. A easy conversion of telephone numbers to Internet connections. Plus innovative publishers and directories can distinguish themselves to their yellow page advertisers and online visitor by empowering the end user to connect to their business wihh only one conact point for phone,web and e-mail This proprietary service advantage, is a powerful sale tool and profit generator while creating loyal customers, allowing a quantum leap for selected telephone book publishers and web sites.

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