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September 8, 2006; 02:53 AM utilizes a unique and exclusive technology to find and generate the most profits for domain name speculators (AKA - Domainers). With an ever-growing list of features, is a one of a kind all in one domain monetization solution. was built by Domainers for Domainers to help manage, buy, sell and squeeze every last penny out of the inherent traffic in any domain speculators' portfolio.

The site is a tool that takes the guess work out of managing a domain portfolio. is owned by a couple of techies who make your head spin when they explain how their site works. What really matters is this was the culmination of a couple of Domainers with a technical background attempting to make more out of their own portfolio.

The site is broken down into several important aspects of a domain owners' business, and is put together in such a way that it all flows together in an easy to use and read format that helps people keep track of and manage their domain portfolio without effort. Jerry J. Nolte Jr., one of the site's co-owners was quoted in saying "It's the fire and forget solution for the domain industry."

This is not just another PPC company. iMonetize uses technology to fully automate the process of monitoring each Domainer's portfolio. The domains are monitored for a 30 day period. After that time, each domain is placed where it makes the most money on each given day. For example if one domain makes more money with a particular provider on Monday, but makes more at a different on Tuesday, it would be placed at the prospective companies on each given day to maximize revenue.

Should money drop after optimization is complete they have several checks in place to automatically re-optimize the names should it be necessary for whatever reason. With this method on our own portfolio we have seen an increase of over 250% as opposed to just sending it to 1 or 2 providers manually. We also have a staff dedicated to making sure peoples names are pointing to the highest paying keywords/terms on all the providers so it is a fair shake across the board Mike St. John, co-owner and developer of explained.

The site has many features which a Domainer may find valuable. It displays a domain escrow portion, the use of their own in-house Icann Accredited Registrar to house both the domain name and a full blown US based non-interest bearing escrow bank account to hold the finances. One of the best new free features is the domain management portion of the site. At a glance one can tell how many domains they own, where they are pointing, locked or active, date they are expiring, optimizing, expiring by month/day/year, registrar they are with, name servers, and how many of each TLD are owned. Arguably one of the most valuable features is one that in the owners' opinion is long overdue called domain alarm. Domain alam alerts people if any changes are made to the whois on any part of their portfolio. This can help to protect a Domainer from hijacking. The last feature offered is a very unique type of sales site, it's free and allows for offer type sales, auctions, and simple You Price it Sales.

Although the site is new in its development, the concept is catching on fast with Domainers switching over their domains to attempt to better manage their portfolios.

iMonetize ( has been in the domain game since 1999 and has established a fairly large domain portfolio as well as helped others manage theirs. After trying all the "big" PPC providers exclusively we found that none were nearly as good as they claimed to be. We decided to break free of the chains that bound us and discovered a most interesting thing:

We made a lot more money by spreading our names over all the secondary providers than we made by going exclusively with any single larger providers direct. So we developed this site to share with Domainers what we have already learned.

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