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User Content Driven Websites Rise in Popularity Presents Opportunity For Domain Name Resellers

September 27, 2006; 02:02 AM
Scott Alliy, President of Allied Internet Solutions, and owner of such domain names as, sees a bright future for websites that feature user content.

The new inclusive marketing strategy cuts production and development costs by allowing user created content to fill the pages of the website.

According to Scott Alliy, creator of such popular websites as and, the intangibles to owners of websites fed by user content are lower cost, higher search rankings and higher traffic and advertising revenues.

One of the ever present thorns for most website owners is growing the number of visitors and visitor retention. The constant flow of new videos and audios that get submitted grab the search robot's attention and elevate the site popularity in the search rankings. At the same time word of mouth WOM advertising helps to greatly increase the number of visitors to the website, making the site attractive to both search engines and advertisers looking to reach the masses.

Scott's latest concept site aims to provide a forum where aspiring actors, musicians, athletes and people and animals with their own special talents to present themselves.

Scott has listed on, a domain name search engine, and is hoping to sell or lease the domain name to a record label or talent agency and/or partner with one or more companies interested in capitalizing on the allure of the catchy dotcom domain name

Allied Internet Solutions Inc. is a Houston-based Internet marketing firm offering Internet marketing consulting services as well as web design and development and general Internet business consulting.

The company owns several popular Internet sites including,, and

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