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WebDevel Presents New 6-In-1 SSL Certificate

September 29, 2006; 02:32 AM
Fort Lauderdale, FL - SSL Certificates are vital to Internet security. Without SSL certificate, any data transferred to and from web site are unprotected, making it easy intercept customers’ credit card information, setting up phishing and pharming schemes, even steeling their identity.

An SSL Certificate enables encryption of online transactions and communications. Traditional SSL certificates only work properly with one registered domain. Running an SSL certificate on a masked domain can cause a certificate security error. New 6-in-1 certificates from WebDevel solve this problem and eliminate security warning errors that may scare off potential customers. The 6-in-1 SSL Certificate from WebDevel offers a new level of simple, cost-effective security service.

By applying the powerful influence of one industry-standard, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate with up to 256-bit encryption across as many as six Top Level Domains, Web site managers can reduce costs while providing a unified security experience for online customers.

Before this product was available, Web site managers would have to purchase either an SSL Certificate for a single TLD or buy as many as six – creating the potential for security warnings in customers’ Web browsers or high costs for multiple certificates. With this new WebDevel’s 6-in-1 SSL Certificate, e-businesses can save up to 54 percent over the cost of purchasing individual certificates.

Customers can purchase one SSL Certificate to protect all six Top Level Domains (TLDs) including .com, .net, .biz, .info, .us and .org. Each domain name secured under the new 6-in-1 SSL must point to the same Web site.

With many businesses, purchasing all six variations of their domain name to protect their online identity, WebDevel’s new 6-in-1 certificate provides a one-step, cost-saving solution.

For more information about the new 6-in1 SSL Certificates, visit, Paula Kavka, 503-803-7110, [email protected]



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