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Private Domain Depot Announces Dot-Mobi Domain Name Registration

October 16, 2006; 02:30 AM
Domain name registrar and Web hosting provider Private Domain Depot has added another enhancement to their customers internet presence with the announcement of dot-mobi domain name registrations. This new top-level domain (TLD) provides a standardized vehicle for businesses to launch mobile-ready web sites that complement their main sites.

With a reported 2 billion cell phones in use today, mobile is the technology of the future. This is also a great opportunity for businesses to enhance their brands with .mobi as a supplement to their existing sites. .mobi is designed to make more of the web viewable on tiny mobile screens and will give mobile visitors a better browsing experience when they are away from their computers.

A .mobi domain name can tap into this technology, making the mobile device even more useful for internet browsing and data services. In addition, Private Domain Depot's popular WebSite Tonight now supports .mobi web sites. Customers can build a .mobi-compliant web site that complements their present site or future web sites.

Businesses will benefit by purchasing their .mobi early to avoid future licensing issues and cyber-squatters. Further, it provides protection of brands from competitors who might wish to take advantage of the name recognition generated by the popular .com's. Private Domain Depot also offers Private Domain Name Registration and Business Registration.

Private Domain Depot ( is a full service provider of quality online products that include a variety of hosting plans, domain names, private domain name registration, e-mail, podcasts and storefronts for any home or business need while focusing on online security and identity protection.

Lynn Johnston, (480) 624-2500, [email protected]

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