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November 10, 2006; 02:16 AM

On November 28th, one of the domain name gems is going on the auction block. Representing one of the largest and most controversial industries in the world, will be served up to the highest bidder.

It may seem that the fast food giants, such as Burger King, McDonald’s or in particular YUM Brands, which owns a number of different fast food chains, would be the obvious buyer of, however, many in the industry try to distance themselves from the term “fast food”.

Their reluctance to embrace the term may prove costly, since the name has attracted wide-spread interest from groups who strongly oppose the industry. Many are concerned about fast food’s impact on health, obesity and environmental issues, and are eager to own the domain name that defines the entire industry. The question is do these organizations have pockets deep enough to support the minimum five hundred thousand dollar bid come auction time.

That’s right, $500,000. But is the definitive online name that represents an industry bringing in over one hundred billion dollar a year, and many think it’s a bargain.

What better domain name could be used to describe the fast food industry? “Here's a little test” says Ron Baker, a domain consultant. “What is the best domain name to represent an industry which includes Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s? Can you come up with a better name than” asks Baker. “Go ahead, try” he adds.

The auction is private and will be conducted at the website. Only pre-qualified bidders will be allowed to participate in the auction.

For further information contact: James Boyle, Ph# (315) 294-5703, Email: [email protected]



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