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New Strategic Partnership between Two Arizona Technology Companies Could Alter Landscape of Internet Domain Name Investing

November 17, 2006; 12:57 AM

Internet domain name company, DotVentures, President- Dale Merritt, recently announced a strategic partnership between his company and Internet marketing software company SearchMarketing.

Mr. Merritt says, “DotVentures and SearchMarketing have integrated their expertise and products into a new MODS interface (Marketing Optimization and Design Software) that might alter the landscape of domain investing; shifting more power into the hands of the entrepreneur. This will “’level the playing field’” allowing the small venture capitalist to effectively compete with the large and organized speculation companies.”

SearchMarketing, President Matt O-Brien says that MODS is exciting because “In today's dynamic market where technology is rapidly changing, MODS enables the small or novice domain name investor to conduct comprehensive research based on a specific keyword or area of interest.”

For example, a person might wish to invest in an Internet domain name that contains the word “wine”; they can simply type “wine” into the MODS interface. MODS then instantly searches the domain aftermarket, expired names, possible new names and the DotVentures database of names.

A list is compiled of various possibilities that contain the searched word or term along with potential purchase prices. The prices might range from many thousands down to just a few dollars. According to Mr. O’Brien, “MODS instantly conducts thorough research that might have previously taken the individual investor hundreds of hours to complete enabling them to quickly make a knowledge-based decision”.

Another key feature of the MODS interface is that it then allows the investor to improve their online real estate. “The days of “’squatting’” are over” according to Mr. Merritt. So called domain squatting is registering a domain with no intention of developing it while merely waiting for the name to appreciate in value.

A bad faith variation of this is something known as “cyber squatting”. Cyber squatting is registering a domain name with intention of profiting from a name or trademark belonging to someone else. Cyber squatters sometimes even register variants of popular trademarked names, a practice known as typo squatting. Recent laws, such as the Anti-Cyber squatting Consumer Protection Act, crack down on this activity.

Dale Merritt says that the parallels between Internet real estate and physical real estate are real and profound: “Just as with physical real estate, improvements in Internet real estate help add value”. Just as when one improves real property, by doing such things as running in utilities and building a physical infrastructure, similar improvements to online real estate help to spike value.

Mr. Merritt says that the number one improvement investors can make in a domain name is to build a functioning web site on it and submit it to the search engines. “This can be a tremendous value-added improvement, generating traffic and ranking while adding credibility” according to Mr. Merritt.

The MODS interface sports a series of templates that the investor can utilize to create a website with. MODS offers full technical support for the novice as well as advanced design for the investor wishing to take their site to the next level.

According to Dale Merritt: “An effective strategy to spike a domain’s value and “improve” Internet real estate is by linking the site with a much larger site’s affiliate program and, in effect, becoming a traffic broker for that larger site.” MODS also offers instruction on how to locate and link with potential affiliate partners.

Matt O’Brien says that MODS represents a “one stop shop” that empowers the small entrepreneur with knowledge and tools enabling them to knowledgeably invest in domain names utilizing a strategic plan. Mr. Merritt believes that MODS might have the potential to become the basis of a new Internet Indexing Standard which can be used as the foundation for all web site design, marketing and optimization.

He concludes with: “The use of longer domain names has breathed new life into the .com space and triggered what is being called the Second Great Domain Name Rush. Just be sure to have an improvement plan for your Internet real estate in place prior to embarking”.

Searchmarketing, LLC is a marketing technology leader that helps online business “get found” through an innovative online and offline marketing process. Searchmarketing LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information about Searchmarketing, please call: 866-666-6838 or visit our Web site at
DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Pat Gilbert, DotVentures, Director of Domain Purchasing 11811 N. Tatum, Suite 3040, Scottsdale, AZ 85028, Phone: 888-291-2976. Learn more about DotVentures here:

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