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EURid Lowers .eu Prices

November 21, 2006; 06:18 AM

EURid lowers the registration and renewal fee for .eu domain names from 10 to 5 euro.

EURid, the registry for .eu domain names, has decided to lower the fees associated with owning a .eu domain name. As of January 1st 2007, the price for registering a domain name and the annual renewal fee will be 5 euro as opposed to today’s 10 euro.

This substantial reduction is possible thanks to the huge interest in .eu and the high number of registrations. Note that this fee, set by EURid, is charged to the accredited .eu registrars and that they in turn set the prices for their customers. Many registrars bundle their services also to include web hosting and email packages, for instance. However, EURid is convinced that the price reduction will be carried forward and that end users will also benefit from reduced registration and renewal rates, given the competition between registrars.

“EURid is now following up on its promise to reduce the fees after one year of operation. We hope this will stimulate more users to see the advantage of having a true European Internet presence by choosing a .eu domain name,” says Marc Van Wesemael, managing Director of EURid.

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