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DynDNS’ DNS Update API Selected by OpenDNS

November 29, 2006; 07:54 AM
OpenDNS has selected DynDNS’ DNS Update API to power their newest feature, OpenDNS accounts. This mechanism allows OpenDNS users to set resolution preferences while on a dynamic IP address. DynDNS developed the API and has been providing dynamic DNS (DDNS) services since 1998.

"This is just another way that DynDNS' de-facto DNS Update API is being used to update Dynamic DNS hosts. We're happy to see that OpenDNS selected our industry leading standard,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, DynDNS' CEO.

DynDNS offers a Certification Program to recognize software and hardware that is fully compatible with the DNS Update API. To date, devices made by Linksys, Netgear, Patton, SonicWALL, and Sony have been certified by DynDNS. Software or hardware developers are encouraged to submit their devices to DynDNS to be evaluated.

DynDNS' Recursive DNS is currently used by thousands of users and enterprises to power their Internet connections by providing fast and reliable DNS resolution, even for users on dynamic IP addresses. Using the same DNS Update API, users have been able to manage their Recursive DNS, since the service was launched in April 2005. DynDNS is current offering a promotional 10% off Recursive DNS service.

Formed in 1998, Dynamic Network Services, Inc. ( provides superior domain name system (DNS) services with the highest levels of redundancy, service, and support in the industry. Our world-class team of DNS experts allows us to provide unprecedented quality of service and support, and our use of proven open source technology reduces cost and risk to our users.

Dynamic Network Services, Jeremy Hitchcock, 603-668-4998

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