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Free Mobile Website Design Tool is dotMobi’s Site of the Week

"It scores an almost perfect score in our new MobiReady report", says dotMobi.

November 29, 2006; 12:45 AM

San Jose - The pioneers of the mobile web initiative and the creators of the (.mobi) top level domain dotMobi’s mobile website directory that already features top-ranking standards compliant mobi websites like,,, etc has chosen as the featured "Site of the Week".

mobiSiteGalore ( offers a FREE easy-to-use web-based tool that will enable even novice users to quickly create & publish mobile web content that works seamlessly across all mobile phones. This innovative new mobile website building service is developed in strict adherence to the Mobile Web Best Practices as laid out by the Worldwide Web Consortium - W3C. received a perfect 5 on 5 on the mobiReady report without a single error or warning. The mobiReady report is dotMobi’s online tool that tests the mobile-readiness of your site using the industry best practices & standards as benchmark.

Prashanth, CEO – Akmin says, “While many mobile websites of FORTUNE 500 companies are struggling to get a decent score in the mobiReady report, websites created by even novice users using mobiSiteGalore get a perfect 5 on 5, thanks to our strict adherence to the Mobile Web Best Practices. This ensures that these websites work across diverse handsets and multiple mobile platforms. We are so sure about mobiSiteGalore that we offer a guaranteed score of 5 on 5 on the mobiReady report for every single mobile website created using our free mobile website design build tool.”

Commenting about mobiSiteGalore, dotMobi's Director - Developer Initiatives, Ronan Cremin says, "We've seen many web-based authoring tools for the mobile platform but this seems to be the best. It scores an almost perfect score in our new MobiReady report."

To be able to use mobiSiteGalore, users do not need to know programming or anything technical like HTML, or Javascript. If a user knows how to check email or edit a word document, then he or she can use mobiSiteGalore to create a complete mobile website, in minutes. There are no restrictions on publishing the final mobile website either, which means users can host it anywhere they want to. The best part is, once created, users don't need to test the website on all the mobile phones to check for compatibility … mobiSiteGalore takes care of all that automatically. What's more, users can make unlimited changes to their mobile websites or even rollback their websites to any earlier published version at any time. What's even better free unlimited support is always available for all users … round-the-clock.

mobiSiteGalore comes from Akmin, an ISO 9001:2000 certified leading provider of online web site building & web content management solutions, with over 1,100+ service providers & over 565,000+ websites across 45+ countries around the world. Akmin is also a member of W3C - Worldwide Web Consortium and the dotMobi Advisory Group - the pioneers of the mobile web initiative.

Apart from the free offering, mobiSiteGalore's unique Professional Mobile Web Design Service enables companies to get their mobile websites developed by a dedicated team of expert mobile web designers at a fraction of the cost. mobiSiteGalore's exciting new Partner Program enables service providers to offer the powerful mobile website building service to their customers either directly, or by co-branding it or even by private branding it completely.

mobiSiteGalore also offers high-end consulting and development services for medium to large enterprises that are looking for customized mobile technology solutions.

For more details on dotMobi’s mobile web directory, please visit

To learn more about mobiSiteGalore, please visit or contact David Hill, Director – Mobile Web Initiatives at 1-408-705-2460 or email [email protected]

David Hill SiteGalore [email protected] 1-408-705-2460



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