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Trident Systems' Collaboration Gateway v1.1.1 Now Certified

December 5, 2006; 02:30 AM
Trident Systems Inc. announces the certification of Collaboration Gateway, version 1.1.1. Collaboration Gateway (CG) enables secure, cross-domain instant messaging for the US military and Intelligence Community (IC). CG 1.1.1 has completed Certification Testing & Evaluation (CT&E) by the National Security Agency (NSA), under sponsorship from the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM). CG, along with the Data Sync Guard (DSG) from BAE Systems, provides the nucleus of the Cross-Domain Collaborative Information Environment (CDCIE) system developed by JFCOM.

CG features a modular, plug-in architecture that supports a range of popular collaboration tools, including the IETF standard eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), known as Jabber. CG incorporates the W3C XML Digital Signature to provide strong authentication and authorization, as well as confidentiality and data integrity. Additionally, CG supports the IC metadata standard for classification labeling of chat messages.

Using CG, intelligence analysts, commanders and warfighters alike are now able to chat in real-time with each other across security domains. This vital capability enables real-time mission planning and other critical communications with our coalition partners in the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Trident's CG may also be used to facilitate inter-agency communications between the DoD and other federal & local government organizations for emergency response, and/or intelligence sharing.

The CG program was started as an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) funded SBIR program. Early prototypes were successfully demonstrated at Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (JWID) '03 and '04, and subsequently incorporated into the JFCOM CDCIE system. JFCOM will demonstrate CDCIE, including CG, in the Navy's Trident Warrior '07 military exercise in spring 2007.

About Trident Systems Inc.
Trident Systems Incorporated (TSI) is a private, veteran-owned small business that has been providing hardware and software systems to military and commercial clients since 1985. We support customers ranging from the United States Military Forces to the New York Stock Exchange by harnessing emerging technologies to provide innovative, affordable products and services that consistently exceed our customers' expectations.

Contact: Sheldon Shapiro, 703-267-2302



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